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Food for Thought

Studying is hungry work. It’s VERY important to make sure you’re fuelled up to tackle everything Law School throws at you each day!

So… it’s lunchtime and you’re looking for something good to eat. Where’s the best place to satisfy those cravings? Well, what do you feel like?

You want something savoury?

Bacon & Egg Roll -> La Herradura

Burgers -> Ribs & Burgers (Central Park)

Fried Chicken -> The Hub House Burger Bar

Pizza & Pasta -> The Merchants of Ultimo (Broadway)

Greek -> Zeus Street Greek (Broadway)

Korean -> Gami Chicken & Beer (Central Park)

You want to try something a little spicier?

Asian (Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese) -> Spice Alley

Dumplings -> The White Rabbit Art Gallery Tea House

Mexican -> The Two Wolves Cantina or Guzman y Gomez (Central Park & Broadway)

You are looking for something vegetarian or vegan?

Bruschetta & Sandwiches -> Something for Jess

Salad -> Soul Origin (Broadway & Central Park)

Hummus -> Benito’s

You are on a budget!

Croissants & Sandwiches -> Benito’s

Toastie -> Woolworth’s (Central Park)

You want to finish strong with something sweet?

Muffins & Yoghurt -> Benito’s

Ice Cream -> Anita’s (Central Park)

Brownies -> La Herradura

Doughnuts -> Krispy Kreme

You need a caffeine hit during your lecture break or before hitting the library?

Hot Coffee (Latte, Cap, Flat White, Espresso) -> La Herradura

Iced (Or Sweet!) Coffee -> Starbucks

Hot Chocolate -> San Churro (Glebe)*

You’re in a Hurry! -> Benito’s

You have time for a drink between Notre Dame and Central Station?

-> The Broadway Crown

-> The Chippo Hotel

-> The Sneaky Possum

-> Two Wolves Cantina

On a serious note, it is incredibly important that you are taking the time to look after your physical and mental health if you wish to succeed at Law School; particularly during busy assessment and exam periods. Eating well and eating regularly (and not studying though meals!) is the first step to success! When you’ve got an hour break on campus between lectures, there is no better way to spend it than with good food and good company.


I’d like to give a special shoutout to Maria Howard (and her coffee addiction) for her contribution to this post!

*NB. The authors could not decide where the superior hot choccy comes from – San Churro or Max Brenner. Further investigation will be required.


About the Author

Alicia is studying her fifth year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (Applied Psychology). In addition to her position on the NDSLS as Education Director, Alicia has a passion for reading, rules, and roses. #law #studentlife #foodforthought #eatingaroundcampus #food #snacks #uni NotreDameAus #NotreDameSyd #ndsls #lawstudent #lawschool

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