Witness Examination


In a sentence...
Act as counsel in a legal circumstance that enables you to examine and interrogate witnesses in order to reveal logical answers to a particular legal problem by uncovering the ‘facts’.


What is involved?
The Witness Examination competition is a simulated civil or criminal trial. Teams consist of two students, one barrister and one non-competitive witness. As the barrister, you will act as either counsel for the defence or prosecution and your task will be to ascertain the facts of the case through the examination and cross-examination of witnesses.

As a witness, you must memorise the facts of the case prior to trial and must testify in accordance with the facts. It is permissible to create facts that are not in the brief, but the facts created must always be consistent with the brief. The witness is a noncompetitive witness meaning that they must be cooperative for both the defence and prosecution.