Our Society

 Founded in 2007

The Notre Dame Sydney Law Society (NDSLS) is a student society established in 2007 at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney. The NDSLS aims to enrich the student experience through educational, vocational and social initiatives.

As one of the youngest law students’ societies in Australia, the NDSLS has an immense scope for growth and continues to improve year upon year. 

The individual and relationship driven culture of Notre Dame distinguishes it from many other universities. The NDSLS helps both to foster and to capitalise on this ethos by harnessing the open and friendly culture to reinforce the values of academic excellence, involvement in the law school, and development of the individual so that they can achieve their career potential.

President's Welcome

Paige Gavenlock-Ginns

NDSLS 2022 President


Hello and welcome to the Notre Dame Sydney Law Society (NDSLS). My name is Paige Gavenlock-Ginns and I am honoured to be your 2022 NDSLS President.


It is my privilege to introduce you to the NDSLS. The NDSLS is a volunteer organisation. We are a team of passionate and driven law students who strive to deliver high quality professional, academic and social opportunities to our cohort. Established in 2007, the NDSLS is proud of its history and its ongoing contribution to its university community, and wider society. 


The key objectives of the NDSLS are to foster, promote and enhance the general well being of our Members. We also strive to respect, promote and uphold the values and ethos of the National School of Law and Business and the University of Notre Dame Australia. Since its inception, the goals of the NDSLS have evolved. 


As President for 2022, it is my goal to make the NDSLS an inclusive, authentic and reliable organisation. The NDSLS Committee has nine portfolios which all work tirelessly throughout the year to produce amazing events and provide our Members with fantastic opportunities. The NDSLS is the most active society on UNDA’s Sydney campus and frequently hosts a variety of social events and career related events. We are also proud to facilitate a range of skills-based competitions to help our Members develop professionally and personally. 

The NDSLS is an integral part of the unique experience of studying law at Notre Dame in Sydney. It is a welcoming and safe environment, and I strongly encourage everyone to partake in our events whenever possible! I look forward to meeting you all, perhaps for the first time or again, at our NDSLS events. 


The NDSLS is a wonderful organisation that presents students with an opportunity to get involved in university life.


So welcome, and enjoy!