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NDSLS organises and hosts a variety of events to further the student experience. Our calendar presents a draft of the opportunities law students may be able to attend throughout 2021.

No upcoming events at the moment



Client Interview

Client interview gives you a legal rule and asks you to apply it to a given situation in the most straightforward way.



Negotiation is all about avoiding an entrenched position while improving your reasoning by getting the other side to agree to an outcome in the best interests of your client.


Paper presentation

If you are someone who is interested in lots of different aspects of law, then the flexibility to write and present about any legal topic you are interested in, makes Paper Presentation the competition for you.



Mooting is about who has done the most impressive job of presenting their case and is THE competition for those aspiring barrister’s out there.


Witness Examinations

Act as counsel in a legal circumstance that enables you to examine and interrogate witnesses in order to reveal logical answers to a particular legal problem by uncovering the ‘facts’.


Competitions Guide

 Your ‘go-to’ for all things to do with NDSLS Internal Competitions. Please see below for how competitions are run and tips and tricks into each internal competition.




Jobs Board

The NDSLS Jobs Boards provides students with access to a range of career opportunities through our expansive network. This forum is designed to help current and graduate students successfully search and apply for potential future employment. 


Clerkship and Graduate Programs

Clerkship and Graduate Programs are both invaluable opportunities for university students. Clerkships grant students who are still studying unparalleled practical legal experience, while Graduate Programs are designed to facilitate the integration of graduate students into the business. 


Careers Guides

The Notre Dame Careers Guide is a yearly publication which details a variety of information with the aim to help every student to achieve their career aspirations. If you’re wanting to know what opportunities are out there, how to gain useful skills and experience, or some helpful tips for entering the profession then look no further! 



We are proud to present a variety of Notre Dame Alumni who have elected to share their experiences and achievements after graduation. These inspiring alumni are working to contribute a positive outcome to their respective area within the law profession. 

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