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The NDSLS careers portfolio is designed to ensure that each of our members has the best possible chance of furthering their professional development by providing as many career based initiatives as possible. The NDSLS organises events targeted towards varied stages of an individual's career progression. 

The publication of our Annual Careers Guide looks to provide information and advice for members looking to begin their careers in the legal profession, geared specifically towards clerkship programs as well as practical legal training opportunities.

Jobs Board

Upcoming Events

Participating Firms

Most Mid and Top Tier firms will offer some form of Summer Clerkship  or Graduate Program, but it can vary from year to year. We have listed some firms below (and linked you to their careers websites) who consistently offer these programs, but we definitely recommend you do some research. Find participating firms here.

Careers Guides

Beginning a career in the legal profession can be a lot of hard work. On this page you'll find the Annual NDSLS Careers Guide, as well as a number of other useful guides sourced from industry leaders. Each of these guides includes a wealth of useful hints and tips for preparing job applications, attending interviews and gaining relevant and useful experience. 

2022 Careers Guide

View the 2022 Careers Guide below or download the PDF here.

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