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Law Students Have Hobbies?

Updated: Mar 29

Take a step back from those textbooks, it’s important to give your brain a break!

If You’re Studying Contract LawDance

Get your heart rate pumping by having a little boogie! Create a playlist from all those musical references in your problem question (ABBA anyone?) and start training for Law Ball! From the courtroom to the ballroom, why not brush up on your Latin with some YouTube tutorials?

If You’re Studying Tort LawTry Gardening

Watching things grow is a great way to bring joy into your life! Why not test out your green thumb by growing some tomatoes and beans, or if you are forgetful a succulent might be more your vibe. Gardening feels like it’s a safe hobby - you’ll only be negligent if you let your plants die!

If You’re Studying Criminal LawPaint

After all that time spent learning how to get away with murder why not decompress with some arts and crafts? It’s important to have a little fun and get creative every once in a while!

If You’re Studying Legal HistoryRead a Book

With all those readings, why not add another? There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a good book! Reading is the cheapest (and only) way to travel! You could even try listening to an audiobook if you’re looking to spice it up!

If You’re Studying EquityLearn a Language

With all that Latin, why not learn a new language! Start preparing now for that dream European holiday, impress your Nonna, or add it to your CV! There are so many resources to help you learn – Duolingo is a free App with short courses in over 30 languages, or you could even learn Auslan using online charts. Challenge your friends and learn together!

If You’re Studying TrustsPlay an Instrument

When you learn a new instrument, like when you study trusts, you won’t know what you’re doing -but that’s okay! With some practice you’ll be making beautiful music before you know it!

If You’re Studying Property LawPlay Games

The Sims is the perfect way to escape reality - how else are you ever going to afford your dream house? We’re all in this together, so why not Zoom with your friends and challenge each other at Kahoot! All that general knowledge will surely come in handy someday…

If You’re Studying AdvocacyListen to a Podcast

There’s a podcast out there for every passion! Podcasts are the perfect multitasking activity – listen in while you’re doing those household chores or going for your daily walk!

If You’re Studying Constitutional Law Play a Sport

Swimming, hockey, soccer, tennis, kung fu… there’s a sport out there for everybody! While team sports aren’t really an option right now, it is important to keep physically and mentally active during lockdown. Surely there’s going to be a problem question on that NRL COVID bubble…

If You’re Studying Corporations & PartnershipsSleep

If you’re a law student, chances are your sleep schedule is out of whack from all those late nights studying! After a long day of learning, having a nap is a great way to absorb all that important information you have learnt.

If You’re Studying EvidenceGo for a Walk

Step away from your screens and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air this Spring! Get back to nature by going for a walk (where else is there to do during lockdown?). Take photographs of all those beautiful sunsets and blooms while you’re out there - because we all know: if there isn’t a photo it didn’t happen!

During September, SAUNDA will be donating $1 to R U OK? When you walk 10,000 steps in a day!

If You’re Studying Administrative LawLook After Yourself

It’s time we review your decision to neglect self-care during lockdown. Self-care has merit! Spend some time looking after yourself – eat well, remember to drink water, have a bath, put on a face mask, meditate, get some sleep, call your friends. My lockdown weekend ritual involves painting my nails!

If You’re Studying RemediesTry a Jigsaw Puzzle

Like Remedies, jigsaw puzzles have many pieces – and while it might look overwhelming at the start, you’ll find your rhythm, and everything will fit together (eventually).

If You’re Studying Civil Procedure Cook

Food brings everyone together (even via Zoom) so find a recipe and make something delicious! Law Students love to follow formulas!

If You’re Studying Legal PhilosophyVolunteer

Feeling inspired for justice? Why not volunteer? Volunteering is a great way to connect with others, build your professional network, learn new skills, and have a positive impact on your community! You could even join the NDSLS for 2022?

If You’re Studying Alternative Dispute ResolutionGo Camping

Some people actually like camping! Camping is all about problem solving (putting up tents) and learning to negotiate (the wilderness that is your backyard) – on the plus side, you’ll still be able to connect to the Wi-Fi!

If You’re Studying Commercial Practice & EthicsWatch Netflix

After all these years it’s finally time for you to finally come to terms with the fact that Suits is not ethical practice (sigh).

If You’re Studying HonoursPractice Mindfulness

Now more than ever, it’s important to take some time to focus on mindfulness (we’ve made it this far!). Why not colour in, try some yoga, or even start a journal? Check out Casey Donovan’s mindfulness podcast ‘The Space’ for short meditations, motivations and tips about how you can improve your day each morning and evening.



About the Author Alicia is studying her fifth year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (Applied Psychology). In addition to her position on the NDSLS as Education Director, Alicia has a passion for reading, rules, and roses. #law #studentlife #hobbies #lockdown #uni #UNDA #notredamesyd #ndsls #lawstudent #lawschool #RUOK? #askforhelp

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