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I'd Like to Join Your Professional Network on LinkedIn

Updated: Mar 29

You know you’re a law or business student when checking LinkedIn becomes a part of your morning social media routine.

The Notre Dame Sydney Business Society’s Communication Director, Heath Cauchi, shared with me his reasons why you should have a LinkedIn profile (yesterday) and his top tips to help your profile stand out.

Crafting Your Personal Brand

Similar to your CV, your LinkedIn Profile is a great way to showcase your experience and professional brand. Make sure you upload a professional profile picture and craft your summary to showcase your personality and achievements to make your profile stand out.

Have you ever googled yourself? Having a flawless application is one thing, but would you rather prospective employers see an embarrassing photo your Mum tagged you in on Facebook in 2008, or your professional LinkedIn profile?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Recommendations and Endorsements

LinkedIn enables you to collect recommendations and endorsements from your network that can be displayed alongside your profile. You can identify several relevant skills that encapsulate who you are and what you can do, and other LinkedIn Members can give their endorsement. These endorsements can give prospective employers and colleagues some insight into your work ethic. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your connections to politely ask for a recommendation or endorsement.

Building Your Network

A guaranteed way to start getting your profile noticed, is to start connecting with others. If you are one of those people feel uncomfortable attending network events, LinkedIn can also be a great tool to build your professional network. Start by connecting with fellow students. LinkedIn can help you to build friendships while at university, but can also be advantageous in the future – you never know when you might need to message someone you knew from university!

Have no shame when it comes to LinkedIn; add lecturers, lawyers, judges, people who inspire you, professionals you meet at networking events, friends of friends (I've even been known to add an Olympic athlete or two)… one day you can reconnect when the time is right! But do use caution! LinkedIn Members will be alerted when their profile has been viewed!

Conduct Company Research

Conduct in depth company research through to help you prepare for job applications and interviews. Firms often have a company LinkedIn profile which is frequently updated to showcase relevant company information, news and insights. This can be a great way to get a feel for company culture prior to an interview. Not only that, you can see who works for the company and reach out directly if you have any questions.

Start Searching for Work

You can start looking for work by searching the job board, and even apply for jobs directly, through LinkedIn. Use keywords and locations when you search, and set job alerts based on areas that you are interested in to receive emails when new jobs are listed. You can also adjust your profile to let potential employers and recruiters know that you are open to work.

Expand Your Knowledge Through LinkedIn Learning

Did you know that Notre Dame Students can subscribe to LinkedIn Learning for FREE? LinkedIn Learning can help you develop specific skills through interactive video sessions on a variety of topics. Whether you want professional insight into techniques to speak confidently, manage your emotions at work, or even writing professional emails – the opportunities are endless! Once you have completed a module, you can showcase it on your profile for prospective employers to see.

For more information about how to set up your LinkedIn profile, visit SAUNDA's Instagram and check out Heath’s How To IGTV.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and start networking!



About the Author Alicia is studying her fifth year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (Applied Psychology). In addition to her position on the NDSLS as Education Director, Alicia has a passion for reading, rules, and roses. #law #studentlife #LinkedIn #professionalnetwork #uni #Notredameuni #notredamesyd #ndsls #lawstudent #lawschool #hireme #lawjobs

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