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8 Australian Legal Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Updated: Mar 29

There are some fantastic resources available if you are looking to learn more about the law in practice, and to hear Australian and international legal professionals speak firsthand about their experiences in the law - rather than just watching Harvey Specter. Because it’s 2021, a great way to do this is through podcasts! I have complied a list of 8 essential Australian legal podcasts that are perfect for you to listen to on your way to law school.

1. Gertie’s Law Released by the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2019, this podcast encourages us to step behind the bench and to learn about the activities of the court. Hear from judges as they explain their decision-making process and meet others who work with the Supreme Court. And just who is Gertie you may be asking? Gertie is the colloquial name given to the Lady Justice Statue above the entrance to the Victorian Supreme Court. Impress your friends with that bit of trivia!

2. Happy Lawyer Happy Life Hosted by Clarissa Rayward, a Brisbane based divorce lawyer, this podcast addresses the increasingly high rates of depression and unhappiness amongst the legal profession. Clarissa shares her own challenges during her career, and is joined each week by other lawyers, to share tips as to how we can find positivity and achieve work/life balance.

3. Hearsay: The Legal Podcast The perfect way for you to learn about the many areas of the law that interest you from interviews and material presented by experts in the field. E-learning materials are also available to help you strengthen your understanding of the episode content. Hearsay is FREE for law students, all you need is your student ID!

4. Just Cases Monash University Law School has a podcast! Hosted by their Associate Dean, Dr Melissa Castan, this podcast explains the backstories of some of the most influential, bizarre, and dramatic cases – all in plain English! Go on, impress your lecturers with your random knowledge, start name dropping case law!

5. Just Chat Presented by The Law Society of NSW, this podcast is relatively new if you are looking to start a podcast which only has a few episodes. Judges and lawyers share their own personal experiences as to how topics such as gender, religion, race, mental health and disability have affected them within the Australian justice system.

6. The Lawyers Weekly Get informed on all the current issues, challenges, trends, and opportunities in the Australian legal profession. Listen as legal professionals and industry experts share their experiences and opinions on current events and law reform. There are plenty of episodes, you won’t know where to start first! 7. The Law Report We are probably all familiar with ABC Radio’s The Law Report, but did you know it was available as a podcast? Providing ‘jargon-free’ and informative discussion about current topics in law reform, and other issues within the law, you will be on top of current affairs in no time. 8. Trial by Podcast Presented by McCabe Curwood, this podcast answers all your burning legal questions, and those you probably haven’t even thought of yet. From tattoo copyrights to the property rights of sperm, have a laugh at some of these topical legal issues and then impress your friends and family. Listen closely and you might even hear from a UNDA Alumni!

Happy Listening!


About the Author

Alicia is studying her fifth year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (Applied Psychology). In addition to her position on the NDSLS as Education Director, Alicia has a passion for reading, rules, and roses.

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