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5 Reasons You Should Join a Club or Society

Updated: Mar 29

Make the most of your time at UNDA by joining Clubs and Societies. Joining a Club or Society is a great way to feel part of the Notre Dame community, and connect with likeminded students. If you still need convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should join a Club or Society while studying at Notre Dame.

1. Meet New People

Joining a Club or Society is the guaranteed easiest way to meet new people on campus. It is a great opportunity to work and socialise with students in and outside of your course. I personally love to meet students studying different degrees; it is exciting to hear other perspectives and engage in conversation! Most notably, Clubs and Societies bring together students with similar interests, so they are a great way to meet likeminded people.

2. It’s Part of the University Experience!

It is important every now and then to take a break from your studies. You’re not going to remember the nights you stayed home reading your textbook, but you will definitely remember when you obliterated the competition at trivia (having fun can be educational!). It is part of the university experience to have some fun and share memorable moments with friends.

3. Try Something New

Branch out and find something new to try! Clubs and Societies can help you to develop new interests, hobbies and skills. There is always something new to learn – whether that be by getting physical and joining a team, taking time to connect with your spiritual side, letting your creativity flow, or gaining professional tips and skills for the future!

4. Develop Your Leadership Skills

You didn’t think I wasn’t going to mention the benefits of becoming involved in student politics! School Societies also offer great opportunities to expand your network and connect with industry professionals. We all know that joining Clubs and Societies, and particularly taking on leadership roles, look fantastic on a resume! It shows employers that you are keen to get involved in campus culture, work hard, challenge yourself, and gain valuable skills outside of the classroom. Each Club or Society has a Committee position to suit every interest, and can help you to develop transferable skills for the workforce – from finance and marketing, to liaising with students, and even event planning!

The NDSLS still has a vacancy for the First Year Representative – send an expression of interest to by the end of Week 5!

5. Give Back to Your Community

It is important to take some time to give back to your local community. Clubs and Societies can provide students with volunteering opportunities, which not only have a positive impact on the community, but enable students to expand their personal and professional networks and develop and learn new skills. Many School and Special Interest Clubs and Societies have social justice initiatives and campaigns which encourage students to take time to think about the issues in our society, and the ways we as students can effect change for the future.

To find a list of all the current clubs and Societies at Notre Dame visit the Student Life page.

To start a club or society of your own, visit SAUNDA’s website and complete this form.



About the Author

Alicia is studying her fifth year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (Applied Psychology). In addition to her position on the NDSLS as Education Director, Alicia has a passion for reading, rules, and roses. #law #studentlife #clubsandsocieties #uni #NotreDameAus #NotreDameSyd #ndsls #lawstudent #lawschool

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