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International Women’s Day 2024

Updated: Mar 29

Happy International Women’s Day!


Hi everyone, I am Mark Ajero, the Social Justice Director of the Notre Dame Sydney Law Society (NDSLS) for 2024. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, the NDSLS wants to take this opportunity to recognise the achievements, resilience, and progress of women from all walks of life. This day serves as a global reminder of the ongoing journey toward gender equality and the empowerment of women. Let us take a moment to reflect on the strides made, acknowledge the challenges that persist, and develop our commitment to creating a more inclusive and equal world for all.


Women in Law


As law students, we value the inspiring and successful stories of women in legal education and practice. The rise of women in law is evident as more women pursue education and professional opportunities, challenging the traditional gender norms that have long characterised the legal field. This shift reflects the changing societal attitudes and an increasing recognition of the invaluable contributions women make to the legal profession.


We appreciate the numerous influential women who played pivotal roles in paving the way for future generations of female lawyers. Their legacy serves as a testament to the resilience and determination required to overcome gender-based obstacles in the legal field. Despite the progress made, it is important to address the ongoing challenges that women in law encounter. Issues such as the gender pay gap, limited representation in leadership roles, and the struggle to balance professional responsibilities with family life persist. Being aware and educated about these injustices is crucial for fostering a more inclusive and equitable legal profession.


As women continue to make powerful changes in the legal profession, their impact resonates far beyond the classroom, office, and courtroom. The contributions of women in law provide a more just and equitable society, inspiring future generations and reshaping the legal world.


Diverse Women in Law


The Diverse Women in Law (DWL) is one of many examples that contribute to championing diversity in the law. DWL aims to empower and support Diverse Women through all stages of their legal studies and careers. We are excited to share that DWL membership for 2024 is now open and we highly encourage everyone to become a member! DWL membership comes with many benefits and is FREE for all law students. You do not have to identify as a Diverse Woman to join as a DWL member. DWL welcomes all champions and allies of their cause to join as DWL members! To become a member, please visit the DWL website at:



We hope that you all take this opportunity offered by DWL and support their initiatives by creating a more inclusive and equal world for all!

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