Nominees for 2022 - 2023


Meg Abbott

1. Secretary  
2. 4th Year Representative 
3. Sports Director 

My name is Meg Abbott, I am in 3rd year. I have been the social justice director and Vice President of NDSLS. I would like to continue to be a part of the committee next year and to continue to be involved in our law culture. 

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Jana Alarca

1. IT Director 
2. Communications Director  

Hi there! My name is Jana Alarca and I would be honoured to join the incoming 2023 NDSLS Committee as either your IT Director or Communications Director. I am beyond grateful to have been a part of the society this year as the Sponsorship Assistant-Director and would love the opportunity to continue working within the NDSLS for every Notre Dame law student.  


Technology plays such an important role in our everyday lives, now more than ever – whether it be in our once exclusively face-to-face exams, to catch-ups with family and friends – so we all know how inconvenient tech mishaps are. I believe that I will be able to effectively maintain and monitor all the technical aspects of running the NDSLS to ensure there are no unnecessary delays or constraints on our work.   


Whilst technology can be occasionally unreliable, no one can deny how life-saving it has been all throughout the pandemic and how it has kept us all connected, especially through social media. I would like to be the person behind the camera and keyboard, updating our whole cohort of all the key dates, events, announcements; and a reliable contact for information so our society remains unconditionally inclusive and transparent.  


I am committed to personally contributing to the goals the 2023 team will be setting for our law school in the next year. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider me for these positions, God Bless!   

1. Social Events Director  
2. 3rd Year Representative 

Frederick William Perry Johnston 

I’ve been at Notre Dame for close to 6 years now, having completed a business degree in 2019 prior to starting a JD in 2021. This has given to the opportunity to connect with a large range of Notre Dame students across the business and law faculty. It is my belief that I may be able to utilise said connections in any role either as social events director or as a year rep. 


I’ve chosen to run for social events director as, in my time at the university, I have attended few functions in which I can say I genuinely had fun. Not wishing to disrespect any previous members, but most events, bar the balls, have been somewhat If elected as  social events director, I will seek to end that legacy.  

I am also running for third year rep. In my time at the university (almost 6 yrs), something which I wish I knew at the beginning was who to ask for help when I needed it. It would be a great privilege to be able to provide an answer to some of those important questions that students will have. 

I have experience with being in a university society leadership role as for the duration of 2022 I have served as the General Executive for the UTS C.R.A.P Society (comedy, revue and performance). In my role at UTS I have gained skills such as organisation, event promotion and logistics as well as a hunger to entertain the masses. 

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Sam Keogh

1. Treasurer  
2. Education Director 

Hi everyone, my name is Sam Keogh and I study Law and Communications and Media. Outside of society I work in a suburban Law firm and am also a firefighter!


I joined the society last year, serving as the Third Year Representative where I had the opportunity to communicate and discuss students concerns and questions as well as being involved in many society events and initiatives. In this role I learned that communication is crucial to building greater connection, and it would be an aim of mine to foster this further. 


As I look toward next year, I am keen to move on to a more challenging role and take on new responsibility as I believe that I have a great deal to offer the next committee. I have loved working in a fantastic team this year and know the value of a diverse and creative working group. I believe strongly in the values of respect and integrity, and I believe a successful team must be built on these values.


As Treasurer I would serve with diligence and competence, using all I have learned from my professional and society experience to best serve your interests. My main aim would be to build on the good work of this year’s committee, with a focus on constant improvement, as it is important to me that the society is able to truly benefit you.


It would be an honour to continue serving you next year as Treasurer and thank you for taking the time to vote.

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Jemima Barlow Liccione

1. Secretary

2. Treasurer

Hi, I'm Jemima, and I’m studying a Bachelor of Laws and Arts, Majoring in Social Justice. I have a passion for human rights, mental health, and education, and these three elements are integral to each law student's life. My experience as a Director on the NDSLS for the past three years has provided me with great insight into what students value. My aim as a member of the executive committee would be to continue listening and learning about the needs of students so that I can utilise my entire committee's brainstorming powers to address these needs.

I would love the chance to be Secretary or Treasurer where I can help to keep things organised so that our Law Society can focus on creating a kind and connected community of law students.  


My goals for the role of Secretary include a focus on transparent, professional and clear communication.In the role of Treasurer, I would aim to provide guidance for each portfolio’s budget and ensure we are making planned and strategic decisions that work to benefit student life.


I am so excited about the year ahead and would really appreciate your vote for Secretary as my preference and Treasurer as my second preference.

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Brooke Nguyen

1. Vice President  
2. Secretary 

Hello everyone! My name is Brooke Nguyen and I am in my third year of studying Law and Philosophy. I am also a proud INTJ, Scorpio, and Prince fan. 

In 2023 I would like to represent you as the NDSLS Vice President.

This year, I had the opportunity to be the NDSLS Education Director. In this role my background in the creative arts became a useful tool in contributing to the committee such as designing the First Year Guide. Next year, I hope to continue forming new initiatives and publications that highlight important themes most relevant to law students such as: Mental Health, Lifestyle and Academic Resources. 

I would describe myself as a friendly and optimistic individual that is not afraid to take on a challenging task. During my time within the NDSLS I have found a love for collaborating and working in a diverse team environment. Whether it's making memes, sending emails or discussing with my peers, I believe that creating a safe, creative yet structured space to help engage students lies at the core of the NDSLS. I am confident that an emphasis on this will allow me to best support both the executive team and portfolios.

Ultimately, It is important to me that everyone within and outside the committee feels a sense of belonging and involvement. More specifically, my main goal for 2023 is consulting the society’s organisation and communication strategies in hopes of making students up to date with accurate information regarding events, forums and initiatives. 

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Olivia Passerini

1. President  
2. Vice-President 

Hi Everyone! My name is Liv Passerini, I’d like to share a little bit about myself and

why I would love to be your NDSLS President for 2022/2023!


I am currently in my fourth year at Notre Dame and I am

fortunate enough to have represented the NDSLS executive as the 2021/2022

Communications Director, a position which I have thoroughly enjoyed.


I would love to be elected as the incoming President to continue the efforts of our

current committee, making our Society accessible and welcoming to everyone in our

Law School. Having held previous leadership positions, I believe that a good leader

is honest, enthusiastic, inclusive and bound by integrity. It is important to listen and

lean on your team, and work with the fantastic array of resources and knowledge at

your disposal to give the best you can for your audience. As the President regularly

liaises between staff and students, it is essential to prioritise the needs and wants of

students to promote harmony among the student body and the best possible uptake

and accessibility of activities and opportunities. 


I believe I can offer these capabilities as succeeding President. 


I love organisation, meeting new people, trying new experiences and working hard to

give my best. I have loved my time on the current committee and want to extend my

capabilities in a more demanding role. 


I am humbled by the opportunity to apply for President and am committed to giving

my absolute best to this role, and you, my fellow law students. 


Vote for Liv!


Amy Skinstad

1. Secretary
2. 5th Year Representative
3. Careers Assistant Director

I believe I am a committed individual, who never shy’s away from a task I am given. I am able to work collaboratively in a group but am also an independent individual who is able to complete tasks by myself. This quality is essential when being part of a committee, as I am able to work collaboratively with other committee members, as well as complete tasks that are specific to my individual portfolio. 


As I have been on the committee for the past two years, I have observed the roles of secretary, 5th year representative and careers director assistant and believe I obtain the necessary skills to undertake any one of these positions. I have strong written and verbal communication skills and am able to effectively communicate my thoughts and opinions in a professional manner with other member of the committee, as well as any external third party who may be involved. I am able to execute tasks in a timely and precise manner. I pride myself on being an organised individual, which means I am always able to complete tasks by their deadline, as well as monitoring any administrative tasks that may need to be undertaken. My attention to detail ensures that tasks are performed to the highest standard and that tasks are never ignored or left until the last minute. 


I am an approachable and welcoming individual who is willing to make every effort to ensure that tasks are performed in a professional manner, whilst also creating a positive and supportive working environment.  

Meg Abbott

1. Secretary
2. 4th Year Representative 

3. Sports Director 

My name is Meg Abbott, I am in 3rd year. I have been the social justice director and Vice President of NDSLS. I would like to continue to be a part of the committee next year and to continue to be involved in our law culture.