Meg Abbott

1. Vice President
2. Secretary

3. Social Justice Director

Hi everyone, my name is Meg Abbott and I am studying Law and Philosophy! In 2022 I would like to represent you as the Notre Dame Sydney Law Society, Vice President. This year I have had the honour to be the Social Justice Director of NDSLS, and I would love to be able to contribute more to society next year. Being the Social Justice Director has given me the opportunity to work with new people, learn more about things I am passionate about and plan some wonderful events (if I do say so myself)! 


The Law Society has helped me make so many of my friends, and especially friends not in my year group. NDSLS has created such a safe and inclusive space for all year groups to get to know each other and I would like to continue to make the law community even stronger. Next year I would like to create more inter-year group events to continue to create friendships and support networks! 


I would like to bring my passion for social justice into the role of Vice President, and make all students feel that they are able to authentically be themselves. We are very lucky to have a community of so many different types of people, and I would love to encourage celebration of our diversity into the next year. 


Thank you for making it this far in my bio, if you would like me to be your Vice President please vote Meg!


Jemima Barlow

1. President
2. Vice President

3. Social Justice Director

Hi, I'm Jemima, and I'm looking forward to creating a kind and connected community of law students. So that's why I'm running for NDSLS 2022 President. 

My experience as a Director on the NDSLS for the past two years has provided me with great insight into what students value. My aim as President would be to continue listening and learning about the needs of students so that I can utilise my entire committee's brainstorming powers to address these needs. I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and Arts, Majoring in Social Justice. I have a passion for human rights, mental health, and education, and these three elements are integral to each law student's life. I believe well-being is the foundation of all that we do in the law society, as ultimately, the care of our fellow law students comes first. 


My vision for 2022 is rooted in the aim of increasing well-being through kindness and connection. The key way to action this vision is through events that allow for student interaction. This is especially important for students who entered university during the pandemic as many haven't yet had the opportunity to connect with their peers in person. So my key goal for 2022 is to see friendships and opportunities for student growth to be at the centre of our society's initiatives. 


Student growth is particularly important, as university is the perfect time to gain as much insight, connections, and experience into our profession as possible! So I aim to make these opportunities in the NDSLS more accessible to students who would like to improve upon their skills or haven't yet had the chance to be a competitor, paralegal, or volunteer. 


I am so excited about the year ahead, and I can't wait to share how my NDSLS ideas based on kindness and connection will come to life!

Stay up to date during the campaign period: 

Facebook: Jemima Barlow For NDSLS President 


taylor jpg.jpg

Taylor Campbell

1. President
2. Vice President

3. Secretary

This year I am stepping up and nominating myself for President, Vice-President and Secretary of the 2022 NDSLS. Over the course of my studies at Notre Dame, I have been part of the society during the last two years. My first year on the society I took on the role of 3rd year Representative and this year I have taken on the roles of both Sponsorship Director, and more recently Competitions Director. Taking on these roles over the last two years has helped me in refining an array of skills such as time management and organisation. I believe that this year specifically I have showcased that I am able to juggle multiple things at once whilst not letting the quality of the product I provide slip in any way, shape or form. I believe that the skills that I have acquired in my last two years on society are essential in making sure that the role that is Presidency is carried out in the best way in 2022. 


As your next potential President, I have considered how to ensure that the NDSLS continues to succeed in 2022 and I can promise you that: 


1. I will be dedicated to the role of President and ensure that the NDSLS continues to succeed in their current work whilst also branching out to new improvements that can be made. 


2. I will be approachable to all students and provide them with the support that is needed to ensure that their experience in the NDSLS whether it be within the committee or as an observer is a positive one. 


3. Do my very best to ensure that Law Ball goes ahead in 2022! We’ve all had enough of COVID, and I think it’s time we finally get to let our hair down for the best night of the year. 4. Get more student engagement within various NDSLS events whether it be Careers, Competitions, Social Justice or just a good ole get together at the local pub. 


Let me tell you a little about myself personally. If you know me, you know that I am someone who is inclusive, dedicated to my studies and the society, ambitious and approachable. This are characteristics that I will continue to demonstrate throughout the next year in the society and hopefully lead the society to an even better place than it already is in. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the society so far and I look forward to being your next potential President for 2022! I hope that myself and next year’s team can aid all of you in a positive way. 



Tilly - Ethaniel Corfield-Thompson.JPG

Ethaniel Corfield-Thompson

1. Social Justice Director
2. Fifth Year Representative

Hi! I'm Ethaniel Corfield-Thompson and I'm in my fourth year of Law and Arts, majoring in political relations. 


As 2022 will be my final year at Notre Dame, I am prepared to go above and beyond representing the entire cohort, as I believe there is so much strength and colour in diverse and equal representation. 


I believe that my passion, compassion and perspective can assist everybody to connect harmoniously in this final leg of our University journey. 


I have recently worked on Domestic Violence law reform, sitting on the Joint Select Committee for Coercive Control, established by the NSW Attorney-General, as a means to protect those who are most vulnerable and encourage reform where inadequate laws exist. 


I have also been heavily involved with Adoption law reform, aiming to increase adoption rates across NSW, ultimately providing children with safe, stable and forever homes. 


Finally, as somebody who has worked in nightclubs organising events and hosting charity dinners, I feel that my contributions to the Law School and associated events, will be some of the best the School has ever seen! 


Christian Damiano

1. Treasurer

I am currently in my fifth year of a Bachelor of Laws/Philosophy. Outside of university life, I work in the Banking and Finance division of a major Sydney law firm. 


The Treasurer of any society or organisation must embody the ethical principles of honesty, diligence and transparency if they are to carry out their role to the greatest possible benefit of each of the society’s members. 


I assure the members of the Notre Dame Law Society, that in electing me as their Treasurer, they will not only be appointing a candidate with each of these qualities but will be ensuring a productive year ahead and a bright future for the Society. 


If elected, I pledge to serve as Treasurer with competence and determination, summoning all the knowledge and experience I have gained through my studies and employment. 


Eden Donovan

1. Social Events Director
2. Social Justice Director

3. Second Year Representative

As first year rep I thought I was just hitting my stride and COVID hit. It hasn't been a "normal experience for anyone and I'd love the opportunity to represent you in our second year. 


In terms of social events I am your ultimate creative director. I love a spreadsheet a diary and an organiser. I have Diploma of make up and special effects so I love dressup and the whole experience. I am creative and extroverted so I can guarantee that future events will be well planned, creative and interesting and that I will try an engage as many people as possible with a wide array of events. So you're sure to like something offered. I'm not a sole operator and realise the best events are collaborations so I'm happy to work with your ideas and talents. Some of the things up up for consideration are; trivia nights, pub dinners and catch ups, sporting events, escape rooms, Luna Park, law ball, fund raising and community service events, law society events etc. 


I am very passionate in the social Justice arena. As a daughter of a social worker I have grown up with a heightened sense of structural inequality and the impact of law on the most vulnerable. I follow multiple social Justice pages and I am subscribed to hear updates in what is going on in Australia in terms of social Justice. I am planning to focus on social Justice as my career path and pursue areas such as the Rights of First Nation People , people living with a disability, refugee and immigrants, environmental law as well as the access and equity of Legal Aid. I plan to invite speakers on social Justice to share their knowledge with us. I welcome your suggestions for other guest speakers. 


Finally, I really enjoyed being the first year representative and keeping my cohort up to date and I have many ideas for ways to get everyone more engaged next year especially now we have a road map to open. I'd be honoured to have the opportunity to represent you again. 


Paige Gavenlock-Ginns

1. President
2. Vice President

Hello! My name is Paige Gavenlock-Ginns and I am a third year Law and Politics student and the current Careers Director of the NDSLS. I have two adorable cavoodles (Coco and Chip) and am counting down the days until the start of the Big Bash League (go Sixers!). 


Now that you know a little bit more about me, I am honoured to announce that I am running to be your NDSLS President for 2022! My campaign and vision for the NDSLS for 2022 is centred on three core values; inclusivity, reliability and authenticity. 


It is my aim to make the NDSLS and its initiatives more inclusive. Whether you are a first year, postgraduate, penultimate, mature age or final year student, it is my hope to refocus our initiatives to ensure they meet your interests and add value to your university life, whether this be in a professional or social capacity. 


At Notre Dame we are blessed to have a variety of societies that make positive contributions to our University experience. I propose to guide the NDSLS to engage in further cross-society collaborations to generate new relationships and connections within the Law School and Notre Dame University more broadly. 


It is my goal to increase the reliability of our NDSLS in multiple ways. In my capacity as your President, I will continue to maintain effective communication with our Law School administration. I acknowledge that we are all emerging from an extremely difficult time, and I would like to increase support for students as we make the transition back to campus through both online and in person initiatives. 


I would also like to promote for the authenticity of the NDSLS. I have a genuine passion for helping others, which has been fulfilled through serving law students on the NDSLS as Careers Assistant Director and Careers Director. I would be honoured to serve all students again in the role of NDSLS President. 


Continuing in the successful footsteps of the 2021 committee, I would like to further transparency of NDSLS operations. I propose to continue publishing half yearly reports, keep our website updated with relevant information and present initiatives to students through consistent and comprehensive marketing campaigns. I want to build the NDSLS you envision. To do so, I will develop a framework to receive and implement student feedback and ideas throughout my tenure.


I am ready and willing to lead the NDSLS with the goal of improving your University experience. 


If you have any further questions about my campaign and vision, would like to share your ideas, or just have a chat please feel free to reach out to me via email or social media.


If you value an inclusive, reliable and authentic NDSLS let’s work together! 


Vote [1] Paige for President! 


Tamara Joseph

1. Mature Age Representative

Dear friends, please consider me as the mature age rep for 2021! I’m initiating some meet & greets and will be hosting regular social events for the mature age students to keep us connected and supporting one another along the journey! 


Sam Keogh

1. Third Year Representative
2. Sponsorship Assistant

3. Careers Assistant

I’m first and foremost interested in becoming the third-year representative because I’d love to get to know the people I study with better after two years of Covid crazy and I’d love to be that person to help build some stronger connections both socially and academically for my cohort. I’ve observed my own year reps and observed how important their role is in connecting students to the wider ND Law community and I would love the opportunity to contribute in this way myself. I believe I would be effective in this role as I have a lot of experience in leadership and community engagement roles from my time in High School as a school Vice-Captain and my involvement in the Rural Fire Service, including an elected position on the RFS state operations committee for young members. I believe my experience from these roles provides me with a strong skill set to be a part of this society and to connect effectively with the cohort. I believe there is a lot of value in volunteering time and energy to community organisations and I believe the society is no different in what one gives to it is what everyone else can get out of it. I am also interested in the sub-committee roles of assistant sponsorship and careers director. I would love to offer my assistance to the main directors and be that helping hand to take the load off, which is so important in degrees as demanding as ours. Sponsorship is so important because the society needs funds to put on all of the great events it offers, and I think that I could be really useful in assisting such a challenging yet entirely rewarding role. I’d love to not only assist wherever needed but also learn more about how the role works and maybe take on the main director role next time! I’m really good at admin things, email correspondence, announcements and using social media, and have experience in communicating with businesses at a professional level through the RFS. I’m also really interested in careers assistant because this is one of the ways we get future lawyers, and It would have to be one of the most important aspects of the society. I’d love to learn more about what happens after law school and building great connections for students and the society both before and after law school. Once again, I believe my involvement in these assistant roles would greatly benefit the directors as I could provide great support for the workload and offer my own skills and experience to strengthen the portfolio. But also, the opportunity to work in and learn about these aspects of the society could be an amazing learning experience for me and a great contribution to the society with the skills I possess. Finally, I believe I have a lot to offer the society and I’m willing and eager to serve, learn, build great connections, and have lots of fun!


Imogen Mahony

1. Sponsorship Director
2. Fourth Year Representative

3. Sports Director

In our current context I think it is incredibly important to remain engaged with our law society in order to learn imperative skills that will equip us with the necessary expertise of the legal profession such as communication and management; whilst also establishing important networks for future practice. I am a conscientious learner and worker with the ability to enthusiastically conduct myself in team environments. 


I would be honoured to complete the role of sponsorship director as outside of University I love to participate in community fundraising. Over the last few years I have charitably engaged with the Ronald McDonald House Foundation, notably fundraising $2000, collecting donations for Christmas hampers for the children and gifting Easter presents also. I would like to apply the skills I have learnt through my time fundraising in the role of sponsorship for the Notre Dame Law Society in order to culminate funds that will foster the society’s events and endeavours; which year after year provide our law school with fundamental workshops, community engagement events and competitions. I would greatly appreciate acting as the mechanic for the society as I acknowledge that the NDSLS is the most effective vehicle for sponsors to connect with the law students of Notre Dame. I find these connections to be inextricable, and if elected, I will be sure to demonstrate both the values of our university and also the value of our students to the sponsors. 


I would be equally honoured to represent the 4th year law students of our university. I find this to be a pivotal role as I believe year representatives form the soundboard of their peers. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as 3rd year representative, as being from Newcastle and not Sydney, it was a fantastic opportunity to make meaningful connections with members of my cohort – this is an opportunity I would greatly appreciate being extended. 


I am also an avid candidate for the position of Sports Director, as I have a history of sporting engagement. I thoroughly enjoy an active lifestyle and find it imperative to relieve stress as we study such intense degrees. I find sport to be an exciting way to engage with all years of the law society, and would appreciate the opportunity to reunite students and lecturers with multiple sporting events for all types of athletes (p.s dining at sneaky possum is definitely a well-respected sport!) 


Ruth Malka

1. Third Year Representative
2. Education Director

Hi everyone, my name is Ruth Malka and I am studying a bachelor of law and arts. I would like to represent our yeargroup (third years) in the Notre Dame Law Society in 2022! Though these past few years have mainly been online, I have really enjoyed making friends through the Law Society’s events, including socials and competitions. As a third year representative, I would aim to create a closer community in our year group and make everyone feel welcome to get involved with Law Society events! 


This year I had the opportunity of being the Education Director of the Notre Dame Justice Society, which involved organising different kinds of events and educational material for students. I greatly enjoyed being part of a society, since it is a great way to contribute to campus life and make friends. In 2022, I would love to take part in the Law Society and use my enthusiasm to advocate for our year group!


I have gained so much from participating in the events of the Law Society, including meeting people from other year groups and learning advocacy skills in competitions. The Law Society has so much to offer, and I wish to encourage my peers to get more involved! As a third year representative, I would aim to create an environment where everyone in the yeargroup feels welcome to take part in the work of the Law Society. Alongside this, I would do my best to build up our yeargroup and create an even closer community. If I were to be elected, I promise to be available as well as approachable, and effectively communicate the yeargroup’s wishes and concerns to the Law Society. 


Thank you for taking time to read this, and vote for Ruth if want me as your representative!


Bronte Monckton

1. Second Year Representative

Hello! My name is Bronte Monckton. I am running for the position of a Representative of the Notredame Law Society of Broadway Campus. I want to play an active role in the ongoing improvement of our University and its many facets. I see the position of a Representative as an excellent way to be a part of a team that is involved not only in the current student’s lives, but also the bigger picture of providing a better place for future students. As Currently working in a strong supporting team environment, I gained first-hand experience in what it means to be part of a team. If elected I would make it my goal to get more students involved in what goes on at our University. I would appreciate your vote for me, Bronte monckton, to serve on the Notredame Student Law Society!


Fleur Mulcahy

1. President

Hi Notre Dame Law students! 


My name is Fleur and I am nominating myself for the position of president for the NDSLS committee in 2022. I have been a part of the committee for two years, previously holding the positions of Second Year Representative and Social Events Director. I believe that, with my previous experience and my determination and willingness to get things done, I am uniquely suited to take on this leadership role. 


I am currently nearing the end of my third year at Notre Dame and my tenure as Social Events Director. Despite the challenges that Covid has posed for my portfolio and owing to my resilience and ability to work well in teams, I have been able to organise successful start-of-semester and end-of-semester catch ups for law students. Alongside this, I have spent the year negotiating the contract for Law Ball, which is scheduled to be held at the end of this year. Because of this, I feel that I have acquired the essential skills needed to manage a team and represent the law society to external parties. 


Throughout my time as part of this committee, I have learnt what is needed in order to ensure the society is able to function and flourish well into the future. 


If I were to be elected president, my vision for the committee in 2022 would include overlooking a smooth transition back into face-to-face learning. I believe that it is of the upmost importance that the younger years especially are involved in society activities, given the difficulties which have been posed by the lockdown in the way of socialising. In overseeing all the portfolios, I aim to effectively delegate tasks and support and encourage each director throughout their tenures in the role. I am hopeful that, given the easing of restrictions in NSW due to increasing vaccination rates, we will be able to engage with law students on campus throughout the entirety of 2022. I am highly motivated to maintain a welcoming and inclusive society culture supportive of all law students. 


I have had the pleasure of meeting many law students in all years, and I hope to meet many more of you in the close future. I believe that I will be able to represent the student body with transparency and diligence. Most importantly, my strong work ethic, coupled with my resilience, means that I am prepared and willing to confront any challenge headfirst and lead the committee through everything in the coming year. I promise that by voting for me, your ideas and goals for the society will be realised. I will be your voice, ready to fight for everything you need. 


Brooke Nguyen

1. Education Director
2. Social Justice Director

Hello, my name is Brooke Nguyen and I am a self-confessed lover of post-it notes, bullet journals and IKEA bookshelves. However, throughout my two years of university study, the essence of education has become something more, something that is heavily aligned with growth, purpose and community. 


I would describe myself as a curious, friendly and optimistic individual that is always up for a challenge. Within and outside my experience with the Notre Dame Law Society, my love for collaboration and thriving off of a teamwork environment will allow me to raise and help resolve concerns within the student body. I believe the essence of education for most law students is something that is deeply rooted in a love for problem-solving, analysis and the satisfaction of justice. It is this that I intend to highlight in my initiatives. I would like to drive home that academic life does not have to always be satisfy an~ aesthetic ~ or something straight out of a Tumblr post but something thats empowers our future ethical leaders. 


In addition to producing the first year guide and joining the president in their ALSA and SCLSS obligations, I also intend to carry on and foster further the initiatives upheld by past education directors such as the NDSLS education blog. As someone that is passionate about filmmaking and editing, I would love to produce short videos regularly to give tips on organisation, having a good daily routine as well as bring awareness to educational resources. 


I endeavour to educate myself further to understand the effects of mental health in an attempt to advocate for mindfulness, self-reflection and positive self-talk that will help students that struggle to balance their work, social and academic life. Ultimately, I really hope to inform and strengthen connections amongst my peers through this role to ensure an authentic student voice is heard and considered to spark the development of our academic and professional endeavours. 


Olivia Passerini

1. Social Justice Director
2. Communications Director
3. Fourth Year Representative

As a third-year student at Notre Dame, I have had sufficient time to immerse myself in university culture and meet a variety of people. I believe my double degree of law and arts majoring in social justice has provided me with the skillset and background to bring a well-informed readiness and commitment to avail myself as either the Communications Director, Social Justice Director, or 4th year Law Representative for 2022. 


Studying a major in social justice has provided a comprehensive understanding of what it means to exhibit and enforce social justice in both a professional and social setting. My laws degree has also allowed me to work with and befriend a variety of individuals across my year group. I believe I have an outgoing and approachable personality; I work well with others and have demonstrated that I work well under pressure. I enjoy meeting new people and look forward to the social aspect a role on the NDSLS would bring. I enjoy challenging tasks and take pride in my organisational skills and ability to execute all areas of work with a level of finesse and professionalism. 


I am fortunate enough to be familiar with responsibility and leadership. As College Captain of my high school, I became accustomed to balancing work and leadership responsibilities, which has continued to show throughout my time at university. I believe I have the necessary leadership attributes to listen and guide the student body where needed. My consistent academic achievement and participation in activities such as moot court, and acceptance into the UNDA Exchange program. I am looking forward to taking on additional responsibility in one of the valuable roles mentioned, representing my peers on the NDSLS. 

Rebecca Rogan.jpeg

Rebecca Rogan

1. Sponsorship Director
2. Mature Age Representative
3. Education Director

As a mature-aged graduate entry law student I've had the benefit of 12 years of former full-time work, whereby I put my first degree in international business into practice, by co-founding and developing from scratch the training school “Raynor College of Massage and Natural Therapies”. The school had humble origins, initially set up and run from my lounge room. However, with hard work and determination, over the ensuing decade, the school successfully expanded into every Australian capital city, and 12 countries internationally. The school is still in operation, run by my ex-partner. From these years of successful business building, I have gained invaluable all-rounder skills. My specialisations include: marketing, writing advertising for the website and prospectus, coordinating administration, sales, researching, and creating the course curriculum.  


Expanding the business nationally and internationally meant being on the road many months of many years.  From this, I have learnt to be comfortable working with a very culturally diverse range of people, from rural country folk to urban city people. I have lived and worked in very different countries, from the US (where I lived for 10 years), and Japan (for 2 years). I also spent much time commuting between the US, England, Australia, US, Japan, Canada, and Singapore. This, too, has gone a long way to helping me develop an understanding of people with very diverse cultural and religious backgrounds and beliefs.  


While I began law at UND in 2020, my ever-growing love for law sparked when helping Hawaii Senator Mike Gabbard during his election campaign of 2006.  More recently, I've been a volunteer for various legal organisations, from Marrickville Legal Centre in 2015, where I worked taking case notes, to helping See-Well law firm in 2019, with legal admin duties, and in 2020, I assisted the Australian Christian Lobby legal working on the Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Freedoms and Equality) Bill. These opportunities, along with my law school study, have steadily ignited a burning passion for law that has initiated this application to serve on NDSLS.


It would be a great pleasure for me to use my proven skills and experience to help NDSLS in the position of Sponsorship Director.  Education Director, or else, Mature Aged Student Representative, are also roles of great interest.  Having studied at other universities, I can vouch that the caliber of teachers at UND and the quality of the law program is among the best in Australia.  Moreover, being a smaller Catholic University, students at UND are greatly benefited by the personalised and caring culture that is unique to UND. 


Should I be elected as Sponsorship Director, I will work hard to help create an outstanding prospectus to assist in forging strong lasting connections with as many of our country's law firms and businesses as possible.  I am optimistic that from the money we raise and the relationships we build, I will serve you by playing some small part in seeing UND law school shine ever brighter among our nation's top law schools, well into the future.

Amy S_edited.jpg

Amy Skinstad

1. Fourth Year Representative
2. Secretary

I believe I would be a fitting candidate for either fourth year representative or secretary as they both require effective communication and organisation skills. I believe that the key to a good society is the bridge between the committee and the students, and through my concise and effective communication to my cohort, I believe I could build that bridge by being fourth year representative. I pride myself on my ability to work collaboratively with other members in a team, and I believe I have exceptional organisation and time management skills and never miss a deadline/ due date. In 2021 I was secretary for the NDSJS and therefore I understand and obtain the skills to be the NDSLS secretary in 2022. By being an assistant director in 2021 I was able to observe the roles and skills needed for both the fourth year rep and secretary position and from that I believe I can confidently undertake either of these roles. Due to these reasons I believe I would be a good candidate for the 2022 fourth year representative or secretary position. 

This month we will cover a range of diff