First Year Election - 2019



Candidate for First Year Representative

One tree can start a forest, one step must begin a journey, one life can make a difference, and it is the same way that one student can make a positive monumental change in the life of this University and its students. And I want to be that one student.

I am applying to be a first-year Representative because I want to create a positive and motivating learning environment that enables all students to flourish in their respective endeavors, regardless of their circumstances. To me, this isn’t merely representing students in the various university activities, functions, and events, but also taking on my God-given obligation to care for my neighbor by using my transformative power to help and motivate my fellow students in every way I can.

I am suited for this role because I am also grateful to have been successful in similar representative roles in my past and current experience. I am the Blacktown City Council Youth Ambassador, and I am currently representing the common interest and views of the over 60, 000 youths in the Blacktown City Local government. I am also the founder of a youth empowerment movement called the (The FUTURE 100%) in western Sydney, and through this program, many lives have changed and many hearts have been inspired. As a humbled influential youth figure in western Sydney, my life journey serves to people as a living testament to the notion that anyone is capable of achieving anything, regardless of one’s circumstances, cultural background or social status. And I want to continue making a similar positive difference in the lives of my fellow law students in Notre Dame, as I have done in my past.

(Whether I am appointed as a first-year Rep or not), I will still persistently strive to fulfill the promises of my role in this university by conducting a range of programs and student-based initiatives aimed at improving the lives and University experiences of my fellow law students. (So look out for these initiatives as the year progresses).

Thank you


Faye Al-Juboory

Candidate for First Year Representative

Hello, my name is Faye and I am interested in running for the positions of First Year Representative in 2019.  As I am eager to engage with Notre Dame and the Law Society, I am hoping to contribute positively and enthusiastically as much as I can this year. My interest for these positions sparked when I first saw how the law society operated, throughout my first instances at the university before classes commenced. Seeing the tight-knit culture, community and connection between the students, staff and sponsors, I jumped at any chance I could to be a part of that. As such, I joined the volunteering program and enjoyed the warm social relationships, and the commitment to build on those relationships. By joining the Notre Dame Sydney Law Society committee, I’d be able to do that and more but with having the familiar environment of my peers and law focused events and opportunities. As such, I believe I am a suitable candidate for the role. As a First Year Representative, I am determined and dedicated to ensuring the society as well as every student, receives the best support, experience and opportunities to thrive and prosper at Notre Dame. I aim to encourage my peers to be active and informed of all competitions, events, and news. I intend speak up for the First Years, listening to and understanding their concerns and ideas, plus being an approachable, friendly face. Additionally, by representing the cohort, I aim to extensively be involved in the NDSLS to successfully meet the needs of my peers and genuinely support the first years to my greatest ability. I hope you review this application favourably, and I look forward to being a part of the NDSLS in 2019.


Jose Corpus

Candidate for First Year Representative

I wish to express my interest as the First Year Representative. At the moment I am current employed as a student ambassador for The University of Notre Dame Australia which has given me the experience to;

  • develop campaign initiatives and collaterals

  • collaborate in teams

  • adopt to change related to business environment and processes

  • learn to reach out to new people

  • and drive change to raise awareness on community wellbeing

I am a friendly and approachable person and I constantly looked at innovative ways to improve on activities. I wish to give back to the community and help the community in any way possible to help improve students experience around campus, as it will result in, creating long lasting and memorable university life.

NDSLS Administrator