2020 Committee Nominees

Thank you to all those who nominated for the 2020 Committee.

Please see the nominees listed Alphabetically below.

The campaign period begins on Monday 7 October and concludes on Friday 11 October. Voting will commence on Monday 14 October.


The experience of every law student at Notre Dame is crucial to ensuring the education which takes place is effective and meaningful. The role of a year representative is to provide students with a peer member who understands the needs of their fellow students and advocates for those needs in the committee. I believe I would excel in the position of year representative as I am an approachable person with the ability to listen and respond to the concerns of my peers.

In this role I aim to address any interests or concerns raised by each student in my year. Alongside my law degree I study social justice in a bachelor of arts with my specific interests relating to mental health, education and justice. I believe my passions will aid in serving on the committee as I will have a high awareness of these issues and ideas on how to resolve particular problems my peers commonly face. Ultimately I would love the opportunity to help students have a positive experience during their university studies.



  1. Second Year Representative


I am applying for the position of Vice President for 2020. This year was the first year that I have held a position on the Notre Dame Law Society and it has been nothing short of an invaluable experience. Taking on the role of Education Director has equipped me with essential skills and knowledge for the legal profession. The events I have organised and attended in this position have been of huge success and should I be elected for the position of Vice President I will be able to assist with ensuring the events are nothing short of this. I am very approachable, reliable and trustworthy. In addition to this, I am a great team-player and a highly self-motivated student. I have previously held leadership roles and will be able to fully support the President, Society, and all the students of the Notre Dame Law School. I am confident in public speaking and I am confident in meeting new people and making new friends. Should I be elected, I will assist each portfolio in ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Should I be elected, I would bring an array of fresh ideas to the position. I have always strived for excellence in everything that I do and striving for excellence within the role of Vice President would be nothing less. This would be a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a challenge bigger than this year, as well as a wonderful opportunity to meet prospective employer’s and to broaden and develop new friendships.

NOMINATING FOR:   1. Vice-President


1. Vice-President


Hey hey hey fellow law students of Notre Dame!

My name is Christina Buhagiar and I'm nominating myself for the position of Education Representative for the Law Society. I'm currently in the third year of my degree, studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Philosophy. At first I was not sure about running, but after some thought (contemplation, it’s the Philosopher in me) I realised I am definitely up to the challenge.

Over my time at Notre Dame, I've not only seen the Law Society thrive under ever growing leadership, but I've also been a student, like you, benefitting from all they've done. And now, as I run for Education Rep, I want to help the society continue to help you.

My study, organisational skills and experience as the Socials Director of SAUNDA have equipped me to be your 202 Education Representative. In the role, I promise to continue on the works of previous reps (shout out to Ebony) but also build upon this, working for more events throughout the year (seriously, NDSLS spreads are great!), more liaising, a stronger promotion for student health and wellbeing (we want the best lawyers in Australia, after all), and more opportunities for students.

See you in 2020!



  1. Education Director


I am running for the position of Competitions Director. Over the past year, I have assisted with the competitions run by the Law Society, and I believe that this experience will enable me to perform the role of Competitions Director to a high standard. If elected, I will strive to make competitions more accessible to students who are still in the early stages of their law degree by creating an additional guidebook that will point competitors to important statutes and cases that are relevant to each competition. This will hopefully help students who have not yet completed relevant units, such as criminal law or evidence, to remain competitive against those who have. If elected, I promise to perform my role efficiently and effectively, and to listen to and consider any suggestions or feedback that I receive.

Thank you.



  1. Competitions Director


I wish to run for the role of ‘Social Events Director’ for the NDSLS in 2020.

My aim is to make this upcoming year for the Notre Dame events one of the best so far. I know I have some big shoes to fill and the last year has been one full of fun and extravaganzas however, I wish to continue all of that!

I believe that I would be suitable for this role as I am an active participant in the Notre Dame community. Having undergone an array of legal competitions, I have acquired some vital skills that are required when dealing with high pressure situations, which include negotiation skills, dealing with clients in a professional manner when undergoing the client interview competition as well as the mooting competition. These skills will only be beneficial when it comes to conversing with other members of the law society as well as potential clients when it comes to organising events for the university. I have also attended a range of the events that have been put on by not just the law society, but also the SAUNDA community which only showcases that I am an active and vibrant member of the community.

As someone who has worked for a number of years, I have been able to demonstrate balancing both a part time job alongside study throughout my entire high school career whilst also maintaining a high academic standard. Currently, my work hours are a lot less which has allowed for me to dedicate more time to my studies but also allows for time to be dedicate to the demanding role of social events director in the law society. This consistently busy schedule whilst maintaining a high standard of work also showcases that I am able to multitask and correctly manage my time effectively, and this will definitely continue if I was to be placed in the role of social events director.

My previous role at ‘The IVY’ as an event hostess has presented me with an array of vital skills that would only be beneficial if I was to enter into this role. My role as an event hostess at IVY, was to run/ host high profile events that varied from small corporate breakfasts to large weddings and corporate parties and award ceremonies. Through this work, I was required to be highly organized, efficient with my time management and was also required to manage a floor staff team below me. This proved to be a highly stressful position and required for me to remain calm and collected whilst in this situation, especially when dealing with high profile clients. Being an event hostess has allowed me to meet some very interesting people and has helped me understand what it takes to meet the expectations of my clients to a beyond satisfactory standard. With this positive experience under my belt, I wish to bring all my knowledge and experience to the role and hence aim to create more exciting, vibrant and enjoyable experiences for everyone attending these events.

My goal for the upcoming year when it comes to delivering these events is to make them more inclusive of the voices of the community that will be attending the events. I wish to really understand what the Notre Dame community wants to see in their events and help create events as closely to their desires as possible.

If you vote for me, you can be sure that you’re upcoming year will be more entertaining and a criminal law lecture with Prasan and thought into event will be more thorough than Gerard in contract law.

I look forward to the year ahead and thank you for taking the time to read this.



  1. Social Events Director

  2. Third Year Representative

allison clark

Hi, I'm Alli - I watched too much Law & Order as a child and now here I am, in my 4th year of a double degree of Law and Arts, majoring in Social Justice. I am applying to be your 4th year Representative as I am eager to engage with members of my cohort, be a voice for the people, continue great efforts in fundraising initiatives, and support the Committee directors with their portfolios. To this position and society I would bring dedication, excitement, and a strong commitment to social justice & equity. 2020 is the year for harmony & community! Let's do this!



  1. Fourth Year Representative


Hey everyone, my name is Jose.

I am Law/Business student and I am nominating myself for Treasurer and Sports Director on the Law Society for 2020. For 2019 I was elected as the First Year Rep, and I have thoroughly enjoyed this role as I have gotten closer with my year group, made connections across the Law school, update my year about events that were happening within the society and attended events that the Law Society were hosting. Sports has been an essential part of my life, as I am international and national tennis player. Therefore, I would be the most suitable candidate for this role, as I wish to share my experiences and get students involved in sporting events to help them relief their stress levels and have fun. Since I am also currently studying business, I have financial knowledge on how to best help the society.

If elected, I promise to fulfill this role with the best of my abilities.



  1. Treasurer

  2. Sports Director


Have you heard of Notre Dank Memes? Yeah that’s right I’ve retired. Unlike Israel Folau I will not post anything spicy...unless by spicy you mean amazing career prospects and learning opportunities? Yeah that’s what I thought. I’ve been called a 10/10 but I don’t like to dwell on that. I’ve played rep footy and I’m Michael Clark to the Current Steve Smith. Sure I’m a bit flamboyant and don’t play by the rules, but damn I get results and can win an Ashes series in England. The only worse than my two hamstrings? That would be Lachlan Fountain. Let’s not let a degenerate run our blessed uni. Notre Dame burnt down but like a Phoenix I’m a bout to resurrect this bruv.



  1. President

  2. Secretary


I have been an active participant and and very happy member of my cohort for the past 4 years and would really like the ability to interact with everyone I have met over the past 4 years



  1. Final Year Representative


You know how the Germans underestimated the Russian winter and lost WWII? Well I will not underestimate the responsibility of being President. Just like Steve Smith I'll carry the university to new heights, whilst still being humble enough to give credit to those around me. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Thibk about that. I'm taking a shot here I'm the Steph Curry of law students BANG I'll nail the trés from down town and still sink the clutch free throws. They call me the starlight foundation because I make dreams come true. I'm a stegglsr for quality

*Lachlan is pictured in the middle.



  1. President


Hey there fellow ND law students,

My name is Maria and I am nominating myself for President of the NDSLS for 2020. I am nominating myself because I want to continue the great work of previous presidents, and to find new and engaging ways to support the law students of Notre Dame.

I am currently in my third year of my degree and on society - and I’m so excited to see what the next year has in store! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the loud halfie gal with the iced coffee and stories of England in the law school, courtyard, or library (you should come say hi!).

Why, you may ask, am I nominating myself for such a role? Well, it’s pretty simple. I love the law society and I want nothing more than too see it continue to flourish. I have held roles in the past three years as a year rep, portfolio assistant and as a director. Having spent time in each role, I feel I am uniquely equipped to be the kind of leader who is both strong and understanding. I am committed to spending the year working with all the committee members to leave the society even better positioned than when I started, as each President has done before.

The way I see it, being President is not only a job or a role, but a position of service. It is my intention for 2020 to serve you, the law students of this university to the best of my ability. My goals are threefold, to:
1. Improve student engagement with each other through a great calendar of varied events;
2. continue to build on the foundations forged by previous administrations; and
3. provide support for students to make career opportunities more accessible to them.

I hope that you can see my vision for the future of the NDSLS and trust me to make it happen.



  1. President


Ever since joining the university, I have wanted to participate as much as possible to this community that I have grown quite attached to. Whilst this has manifested in myself taking part in law competitions and events, I want to push it further. I believe this role to be exactly what I’m looking for. A method to interact with my fellow students, the law society, and external third parties. The role of future careers is also one that greatly interests me - especially since it was my very own school careers advisor that helped me so much during high school. I hope to be just as effective to him, so that I can give back to the students of law!



  1. Careers Director

tamara joseph

Since starting at Notre Dame earlier this year, the culture, people, and teaching staff have made it an easy transition for me. I’d like to give something back to Notre Dame - either by helping out with social events or assisting other students as a second year officer (because I know how nerve wracking it can be on your first day). This university has helped me achieve a lot over this past year and I’d like to get more involved and assist the Law Committee however I can.

Thank you in advance for considering me.



  1. Social Events Director

  2. Second Year Representative

jack macdonagh

In short I love sport. I play rugby currently (yeah footy), as well as have been involved with all of the Sporting events this year for the society and more. I would love to host more sporting competitions and do more inter school (Law v Arts/Business/Medicine etc.) events throughout the year, and be able to get everyone from first year to fifth years involved. My passion is socialising and to achieve that with sporting events, would be excellent. I would be able to handle the work since I currently am organising a sports event through ND Marketing, I am farmiliar with the logistics. Similarly enough I won The Villiama Award from Manly Rugby this year for my outstanding commitment to my team, with no games or training missed over a period of 26 weeks. I would be an exemplary leader for our formidable Sports team in 2020 with mandatory Tug of War Fridays (To be discussed) to train for the ND Gift.

Honestly I would be an excellent and vocal member of the 2020 committee if given the chance. My drive to succeed is that of a salmon swimming upstream for breeding season...it never ends.I would be a great advocate for a healthy society, and get everyone involved through speeches and emails.

Love to hear your feedback, and if you require my full resume please feel free to contact myself to receive a copy.

Slight flex, can dumbell press 30kgs for 4 reps. That's the strength of leadership you would get

*Jack is pictured to the right.



  1. Sponsorship Director

  2. Sports Director

NOMINATING FOR:   1. Education Director


1. Education Director

VYASA mani

I am applying for a directorial role in the Notre Dame Law Society as I feel that it would be an excellent avenue to immerse myself in the culture of university. I feel that by being apart of a society presents a great opportunity to meet and interact with my peers and network with future colleagues.

Jordan mcgregor

Hi, I’m Jordan McGregor. You might remember me from such events as starting Prasan’s karaoke at Law Ball, or organising the Law Ball itself, praised as one of, if not, the best of all time. This time around, however, I’m running for President of the NDSLS for 2020! I’m looking to put as much effort into making next year’s society the best its been as I did making this year’s Law Ball the best it’s been yet!

My experience throughout my time at Notre Dame has developed key characteristics in me that I had always wanted to get out of it. Attending our social events have enhanced my sociability skills, allowing for better interaction with both the student body and those who play an integral role to the life of the society outside of the university; fellow law societies and the greater legal community. The opportunities I’ve received through our university’s competitions have instilled in me the confidence needed to involve myself with tough decision-making skills and necessary independence in ensuring the best outcome for our client, our society.

As a student, there were three things I’ve paid attention to within the society throughout my time at Notre Dame that are considerate to me that I want to change:
1. More student motivation and knowledge about competitions. As an active participant within the last two years, watching the decline in participation is partly due to the lack of awareness of the competitions and the opportunities surrounding them. Next year, we need to ensure that the student body is confident with the process and the benefits of putting themselves out there. We want the students to benefit from putting themselves out there and giving it a go, not from the victory alone, and the only way they can do that is to know what they’re getting themselves into.
2. More opportunities for students between years to interact with each other. While our social events love us celebrating our achievements with our friends, I believe the drive for students to interact with other years is not as fruitful as it can be. One of our biggest advantages moving forward with our careers will be the connections we make along the way, and the more we know within our small family campus, the better off we’ll be in the future. Social events will not just be about reuniting with friends, it’ll be about making new friends, building ties, in the spirit of helping each other out in the greater future ahead.
3. Better communication between the society and the student body. That means an increase in opportunity awareness available students, an increase in knowledge of events and other functions, and an increase in student awareness of the society’s decisions. Our society isn’t just for the body, its for all the students, and the more we involve the student body in the process, the greater involvement, and investment we get from students as a whole.

Looking at these implementations, we deserve a society who cares more about interactions with the students, rather than ensuring their internal success. If the society succeeds but the students are left out, then the society has not succeeded. We work best when working together, and the focus on the community ties between staff and students from this year’s committee will be expanded to gather the students in support of each other: the internal support group. There will be a greater focus on the concerns and opinions of the students, not just relying on them enjoying their degrees. We all know how stressful our time at university can be; the profession is crazy and tough, but that doesn’t mean it has to start here and now.

Last year I told you that I would bring more events, more community, more often. This time around, with 2020 looking more spectacular than ever, our community must be at the forefront, our concerns must be at the forefront, our students must be at the forefront. This time, we work together for your benefit; with you and for you. This time, it will be Your Voice, Your Ideas, Your Society!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for putting your voice first!



  1. President

jacinta mitchell

I have served two previous years on the NDSLS. In my second year, I was the second-year representative and in my third year, I served as the Competitions Director. During my time as second-year representative, I learned the importance of engaging students in all of the events the committee has to offer. I would make regular posts and speak to students about upcoming opportunities so that they could gain not only practical experience of what the profession will be like, but a social benefit from interacting with fellow students and legal professionals. As the Competitions Director, my role was slightly more demanding and it taught me to multi-task and time manage effectively. I also learned a strong sense of leadership as I was in charge of a small team of people to organise competitions events. My team inaugurated the annual Junior Moot which is available to first-years so that they may gain the confidence to participate in the Open Moot later. We also held all of our final competitions off-campus so that competitors and attendees were exposed to the environment of real legal practice. This was particularly invaluable to me as it forced me to communicate and network with large law firms.

As the Vice President for the NDSLS in 2020, I hope to bring these skills I have learned and more. I can work in a team effectively and consider the views of others while also delivering insightful and new ideas. My experience on the society means I am well-versed in how it operates and I know how to participate in committee meetings and decision-making. Under the role of Vice President, I will be expected to fulfill the objects and purposes of the society subject to the Constitution. I intend to deliver this obligation with professionalism, respect and fairness. I wholeheartedly believe that my role will be to strengthen and enhance the skills of the rest of the committee in delivering events and opportunities for the law school and this can only be achieved in an environment that is conducive to encouragement and support.



  1. Vice President

georgina morton

Hello beautiful law students,

My name is Georgina and I am currently a third year Law and Philosophy student (yes, one of those annoying students who will argue with you about the importance of philosophy in every discipline - and that’s the tea). I am nominating myself for Secretary as I believe I have the skills and attitude required to be an integral part of the NDSLS exec. I am also nominating myself for Competitions Director because my experience in both comps and admin mean I am well equipped to run the NDSLS roster of competitions next year.

For 2019 I was elected as the third year rep, a role which I have thoroughly enjoyed. During my time in this position, I have gotten involved in the day-to-day running of the society and believe that I would be highly capable of fulfilling the role of Secretary.

I have previously worked in an admin role, where I developed great skills in the handling of deadlines and the organisation of data. I am very organised and will complete a job as soon as it is handed to me. As a year rep I have encouraged participation and organisation, displaying excellence in administrative responsibilities such as letting my year group know of events coming up and setting reminders for these events.

Those who know me know that I am personable, friendly, always wearing a smile, and more than capable of being an active and supportive of all the work that the Law Society does. Most of all, I would love to be the Secretary of your 2020 Committee!

Comps Director:
For the past two years I have competed in the many competitions the NDSLS have run. In 2019, my partner and I came runner’s up in the Negotiations Competition, and came first in the Client Interview Competition.

I have also competed in external competitions in both Negotiations and Client Interview, one of which was held at UTS and the other was the ALSA Client Interview competition in Melbourne. From my extensive experience competing I have learnt not only skills but also little tips and tricks that would help all future competitors. This in addition to my administration skills gives me the perfect platform from which I can run bigger and better competitions than ever before.

As Comps director:
1. I would like to run information sessions which go through the proper conduct of each competition; and
2. I would love to see new faces taking part in the competitions, as this would be an asset not only for the new students but also for our older students.

With whatever position I am elected into I pledge that I will supply and bring the tea to each meeting (If you haven't worked out by now I love a good cuppa)
So remember to vote for Granny G to join the NDSLS Tea House!!



  1. Secretary

  2. Competitions Director

fleur mulcahy

I am eager and confident to strive to represent my fellow peers, most of whom I am good friends with. I always try to get to know everyone in my classes and am often a person who people come to for assignment help or for general advice. If I am chosen I hope that by doing my outmost best I could act as a fitting liaison between the second year cohort and the NDSLS as well as each of the wonderful law lecturers.



  1. Second Year Representative

Teba naeem

Hello my fellow Notre Dame students!!!

My name is teba and this is my first time I decide to do something crazy but exciting and nominate myself for second year representative.

My aim is to be able to get to know our year better, build friendships and be the voice to other students. I am a bubbly person who is very responsible, reliable and very approachable. As the show Friends says ‘ill be there for you,’ ill be your shoulder to cry on, ill cheer you on, I’ll even put on depressing songs and cry with you. I am that person that you can just come up to have a chat to whenever you need.

If elected I hope to be able to help lead our university into greater things as well as bring on my positive and fun attitude and ideas. I love helping others and I passionately believe that everyone deserves a go no matter who you are. I promise to always try my best as well as help others build self- confidence and a positive mindset towards their experience in this university.

Thank you!



  1. Second Year Representative

Herach nazarian

With my past experiences within the law society, I can contribute to this committee through my history of devotion towards helping organisations, and providing my undivided attention to my given role. I am currently in my third year of studying a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce and Law. With my previous experiences in youth organisations, I believe I can contribute further to the Notre Dame Law Society as I understand the professional and enigmatic approach which must be considered in order to build positive relationships with people as I apply for the mentioned director roles.

If elected, I can provide a proactive performance towards engaging with top tier law firms in order to receive sponsorship's for careers week, and as well as working with the President to produce a professional prospectus which will be sent to all firms. I will also ensure that all sponsorship obligations are met to a professional standard, and will oversee all fundraising activities including potential barbecues and other social gatherings which could allow our society to prosper.



  1. Sponsorship Director

  2. Communications Director

  3. Careers Director

James pelosi

I have been the IT director for the last year and was the Vice President of another society before then. I hope to return to the society with my experience and hope for improvement. A law society with me in it will consult the members more, spend more on events and social activities.

Vote 1 Pelosi



  1. President

  2. Treasurer

jasmine robertson

After having a wonderful year on the law society in 2019 as second year representative, I am keen to once again get involved and dedicate my time to the student experience here at Notre Dame. As social justice co-ordinator I intend to not only carry on the tradition of the Winter Sleep out, but to also foster community engagement and collective action through other initiatives. As Law Students it is important to have an understanding of the ways in which our actions and our power can foster community growth and change, and I endeavour to achieve this on a small scale in our little old law society. I am friendly, approachable and am already well versed in the way the society is run and the processes that need to be undertaken in order to make things happen for our students.

Please vote for me for Social Justice Co-ordinator and allow me to contribute to what I know will be an amazing 2020 NDSLS team.



  1. Social Justice Director

cristian sotelo

Voting for me as your Sport’s Director would be a vote well used. Going into fourth year, I’m looking for the next challenge in my Notre Dame experience, and an opportunity to dedicate myself to the students of the Law School. The Sport’s Director portfolio is ideal, as I think it should be about more than just the ND Gift every 12 months.

Looking to join a competitive team? Work out? Or just social sport? Let’s get involved together in new and existing Notre Dame programs.

Not the most athletic person? Not to worry, I’m no gold medal winner either. Although, I am a strong believer that physical activity is a significant part of overall wellbeing! I intend to increase our opportunities for social outdoor activities to reduce stress and increase productivity.

You’ve previously voted for me as year representative, so why not back someone you know, and trust to have your best interests in mind?

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 9.26.43 am.png


  1. Sports Director

Maddison summerhayes

My name is Maddie Summerhayes and I am an old gal with a lot to give. I would like to be the voice for students who have come back to Uni with something to prove. Yes we might not be able to see the board, yes we answer all the questions and take your CP marks, but we all have hearts of gold.

I have experience in having my voice heard. Having been a member of the Boarding Committee at my school in 2012 and the Women's College Committee in my undergraduate years I have experience in annoying people until I am heard. I believe this trait is essential in not only a leadership position but in law itself.

I have been waiting for my opportunity to give back to Notre Dame. I have made some great friends here, both mature aged and the youths. If elected, I promise to attempt to integrate these groups and better the lives of my fellow vintage comrades.



  1. Mature Age Representative

Aaron Szczygiel

I wish to apply for Director of Sports as both studying and sports are my passions. I believe that I have showed a willingness to embrace the sporting opportunities at Notre Dame as I have represented Notre Dame in sports such as Touch Football and Oztag. Furthermore, I believe my ability to encourage and organise sporting events will be useful for this role. I hope to work closely with the Law Society to ensure that sport is avaliable outlet for students.



  1. Sports Director

jack tobin


My name is Jack Tobin, and I am running for the positions of Social Justice Director, Social Events Director, and Third Year Representative of the NDSLS in 2020. I will be in my third year of studying at Notre Dame, and I believe that this has given me enough time to crucially understand what students need from an incredible society like the NDSLS. The aim of the Law Society is to 'enrich student experience' and I want to tackle it head-on!

A major part of student life is the social aspect: making new friends, fostering and facilitating connections for future careers, supporting each other through the transition from high school to university life, and to, most importantly, make memories that you will look back on for years to come. I want to help the Society to embrace this aspect more thoroughly through organising more social events, creating more initiatives to continually support our wonderful peers, and further vocalise urgent issues that need to be addressed; to create a second family at the Society for Notre Dame students, and a voice for the youth! I am passionate, headstrong, focussed, empathetic, and above all, I love to throw a good party of course!

I have volunteered for organisations like Foodbank, St Vincents, Salvo's, etc. and was Social Justice Captain during my HSC at Rosebank College. At this moment, I am writing this from my apartment in Budapest, Hungary, where I have been studying for the past two months as part of the Study Abroad Program. I attended the Budapest Climate Rally outside Parliament House (only in Hungarian of course), and the lead speakers praised my international mates and I for coming to support such a significant movement, even though it was not our country (or our language!). All of this, in my belief, strongly shows that I have the right passion, the right heart, and the right insight for these positions at the Society.

Final note: I submitted an essay to the Inquiry into Sydney's Night-Time Economy, the results of which have just been released. The report agrees with my submission, and strongly recommends the repeal of Sydney's tyrannical lockout laws. If I can help a whole city to have a good time, imagine what I can do with the Law Society!




  1. Social Justice Director

  2. Social Events Director

  3. Third Year Representative

NDSLS Administrator