2019 Committee Nominees

Thanks to everyone for their incredible nominations, have a look at all the candidates below listed in alphabetical order.

The campaigning period will being on Monday 15 October. Voting will commence on Monday 22 October.


As many of you know, my name is Taut Anusaitis and this year I am running for the position of Sponsorship Director.

I have been on the society for the last 3 years as Sports Director, Competitions Director and Vice President. I am dedicated to ensuring that entering into my fifth year, the society receives the best funding, support and networking opportunities it can.

If you are wondering whether or not I can handle a role which requires being able to organise, manage and close deals with Sponsors then simply ask anyone who I have played monopoly with – I don’t flip the board, I negotiate strongly, I always get the railways and it will only be a matter of time before you go down Taut Boulevard and pay up.

In 2018, I was the politician from Eastern Europe, your vice president, helping the society achieve one of its most successful years since its inception.

In 2019, let me be the guy to bring in the bacon, the one who ensures that the Women in Law Breakfast has plenty of croissants and that that the careers fair is filled to the brim with sponsors wanting to tell you why you should work for them.

Vote for me as sponsorship director and I will get this society more opportunities than anyone has before.



  1. Sponsorship Director


Hey all, I’m Ebony and I’m currently in my second year. I’m studying a double degree, referred to as a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Journalism). I haven’t previously applied for a position on the NDSLS Committee, though jumped at this opportunity and liked the idea of being involved in a challenge at Notre Dame. Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a challenge, though it is further a fantastic networking chance to meet prospective employer’s and to broaden and develop new friendships.

Having previously already been involved in leadership roles outside of Notre Dame, should I be elected for the third year law representative, I would be able to be a leader and role model for my cohort and thus further develop my leadership skills. I’m a very approachable, reliable and trustworthy person, as well as a team player and self-motivated student and would strive to involve as many students as possible in various events run by the Notre Dame Law Society. Having been involved in excellent first year competitions last year, I would aim to promote these to the best of my ability. My outgoing and lively nature is indicative of the wonderful friends I have made both within and outside of the School of Law and I would aim to expand this, should I be elected for this position.

Representing my cohort would be an honour in itself. I hope to see you on the Notre Dame Law Society, as third year representative next year!

Hey all, I’m Ebony and I’m currently in my second year. I’m studying a double degree, referred to as a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Journalism), as you’ve probably already read from my statement for ‘Third Year Rep.  

I have always had a very strong passion for making a difference to the lives of others, particularly those of a lower economic status and those who are disadvantaged. I have previously held a leadership position within the area of social justice outside of Notre Dame and would be able to bring an array of ideas to this position, should I be elected. I have always strived for excellence and for making a difference in the lives of others, having be involved in a variety of initiatives. I participated in the Notre Dame winter sleep out last year and have previously worked closely with the St Vincent De Paul Society and Project Compassion.  

Representing the Notre Dame Law School would be an honour in itself. I hope to see you on the Notre Dame Law Society next year as either ‘Third Year Rep’ or ‘Social Justice Director.’

Ebony Billet.jpg


  1. Third Year Representative

  2. Social Justice Director


Hey everyone! I will be graduating in December 2019 and would love the opportunity to be apart of the NDLSS during my final year of law! I would like to nominate myself for the Mature Age Representative position (just to clarify i'm 23 so hopefully not that mature) as I believe that through my experience and completion of an undergraduate degree, I will be able to assist and empathise with students re-entering and adjusting to their studies. Further, I will support those who have returned to study a post graduate course by being approachable and enthusiastic to ensure students feel comfortable within the law school.



  1. Mature Age Representative


I'm really loving my degree at Notre Dame, and want to channel that energy into giving back to the incredible community that all students are so lucky to be a part of.

I'm hard-working, passionate, and really want to get involved!!


  1. Second Year Representative


I joined the NDSLS in 2018 as Education Assistant to Yulia. During my time in the society I was involved in the organisation process of the Women in Law Event (along with other members of the society) and got a good introduction into the responsibilities of being in the society. 

In 2019, I want to be more active in the society and use what experience I have as both a Notre Dame Law student and as a person to contribute to the society and the law school.



  1. Secretary

  2. Treasurer

  3. Education Director


As you know, my name is Andrew Gouveia and I am nominating myself for Vice President or Secretary. I’m currently a final year post-grad law student and was previously engaged as the Sponsorship Director for the 2018 law society committee. Due to my previous experience as a Director within the committee I believe it makes me the ideal candidate for a position within the Executive. 

As Vice President or Secretary, I will improve the transparency and accessibility of the Notre Dame Law society to enable more students to feel more comfortable in engaging with the law society. I know that once I am elected I can reform the assumption that law society events are only for a particular type of student but instead reinforce the notion that all law students are welcome. 

I will improve everyone’s personal experience with the law society, including committee members and create an environment where suggestions and contributions are valued and utilised by introducing a direct feedback form on the site (submission will be anonymous) to enable contributions. 

I will also get us some decent hoodies (at a decent price) so we can let people know we study law without actually having to tell them and while I’m at it I will also improve the food at law ball. 

Ultimately, vote for me as your Vice-President or Secretary to ensure that you as a law student get the best representation from the law society in terms of what you really want because I’m there to represent you. 



  1. Vice President

  2. Secretary


I am eager to contribute to Notre Dame and the Law Society in a positive way in 2019.

I was elected as the First Year Representative in 2018 and I’m looking to build upon my experiences in a different role next year as the Sports Director



  1. Sports Director


Hi, my name is Athena and I am running for President on the 2019 Notre Dame Sydney Law Society. Some of you may know me from my previous positions as Competitions Assistant or Careers Director, both of which saw great success in their operation, or you may even recognise me as the girl who is always eating in her lectures.

If you are sceptical as to whether I can tackle the role of President in the new year, let me ease these nerves for you. I have always held the Law Society in the highest regard during my time at Notre Dame; so much so that I am prepared to dedicate a third year to its successful continuance. As President, my main focus will be to strengthen and expand the already cultivated society that previous Presidents have laid out for me. I will introduce new and exciting initiatives that are tailored towards students ensuring Notre Dame law students are fitted with the tools to enter the ever-changing employment market. In addition to this, I will seek to introduce more social events into the university that will help students develop strong bonds with both peers and industry professionals.

I look forward to potentially working with the NDSLS Committee in 2019, as I have always enjoyed my time with the society and seeing the results that flourish.



  1. President


Hey guys :) my name is Yulia and I am running for Vice President of NDSLS 2019. In 2018 I was the Education Director and ran several events including the Women in Law Breakfast and Student Golden Gavel. After being a part of the society for the past year I understand the dedication and hard work that goes into each event and I believe that I can commit the time and put in the effort to help ensure that the society runs smoothly.

I was exposed to each different portfolio within the society through my role and I believe this will help me understand the needs of each director. This past year I have learnt the importance of the society operating as one efficient entity and I believe that my organisational skills (aka the thing I half developed to not fail this degree) will help facilitate this in the long run. Plus I am way too short to be scary so you can always come to me with any issues or concerns you may have.

I believe that the society plays a significant role in ensuring that students have the opportunities available to them to participate in different areas of university life, from competitions to law ball. Next year I hope to expand upon the current initiatives of the society and continue the fantastic work of this year’s committee. I would like to focus on ensuring that the society utilises the unique atmosphere of Notre Dame and the tight-knit network of students, tailoring events so students gain the most benefit possible both professionally and socially. 

Finally, I have truly enjoyed my time on the NDSLS this year and would love the opportunity to be Vice President and continue my time on the committee.


  1. Vice President

  2. Education Director


Hey there, I’m Jordan, and I am applying to become the next Social Events Director of the NDSLS in 2019.

In the past years, the role the of the Social Events Director has been to prepare and promote the law ball, the first year orientation event, and any other event the committee sees appropriate. However, is this really all we want out of our university? A scarce amount of events here and there to relieve minimal amounts of stress that study produces in everyone? Believe it or not, there are people who aren’t first years, or aren’t interested in the ball. We need simpler events, encompassing the social aspect of the university that excels any other.

As Social Events Director, I will advocate for the expansion of the social scene of Notre Dame. In the last year alone for the whole school, we have had the law cruise, the law ball, and several intertwining events with other universities. I don’t know about you, but I believe we can do more, and with the committee’s support, we can make 2019 the best year for the society outside of the uni.

By voting for me, you can and should look forward to an entertaining year ahead. We will have:

More Events;

More Community;

More Often;

Thank you for reading, and thank you for making your voice heard. I look forward to the year ahead.


  1. Social Events Director


I am passionate about being involved in Notre Dame Law Society as a way to give back for the opportunities given to me as a student of the university. I am skilled in media communications and would love to use my knowledge to be apart of the society.

I think social media is a great way to communicate and excite students about Law Society events and news, I would love to utilise my abilities if given the opportunity.

I have great friendships with the people in my year and I would love to represent them on the society to be able to communicate to the Law Society about the situations faced by the second years.

As a part of my Arts degree, I am studying social justice and I am conscious about current issues facing our local community and the wider global community. I feel that this knowledge would allow me to best communicate with the Law Society about the importance of addressing current social justice issues.


  1. Communications Director

  2. Second Year Representative

  3. Social Justice Director


VOTE #1 GEORGINA MORTON, to represent the best year on campus.

I promise to be the best year rep you've ever had (sorry not sorry Maria and Cristian), help you all have an amazing year, and go 3 for 3 at Law Ball 2019.

Georgina Morton.jpg


  1. Third Year Representative


Dear Litigators,

A person with experience, a person you can always depend on, a person that will voice the concerns of all students, is the person you want as the President on the 2019 Notre Dame Law Society. My name is Ellise Papanikolas and I’m currently in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts (Politics & Journalism)/ Bachelor of Laws degree.

In 2018, you knew me as the girl posting memes on the NDSLS Instagram and Facebook page (you’re welcome ;) ). I intend to strengthen our current initiatives and endeavour to engage more students in becoming more involved in the law society, competitions and our fantastic events throughout the year. Networking in the field is quite daunting but during my term, I wish to welcome more student involvement in events and participation in mentoring programs to assist students entering the legal profession.

My continuous effort this year's Communications Director did not go unseen as Notre Dame Received this years Marketing & Engagement Award. Coming from a leadership background, I have always been a passionate advocate for the student body, always fighting for our voices to be heard. Serving this year was an honour and I wish to continue to be dedicated to the students of the society. Using that experience of working closely with past executive members, sponsors and other university bodies I have gained noteworthy experience and am confident about being able to lead the law society. Being accountable, reliable and always on the ball, I will aspire with my fellow executive to lead a fantastic year. For the past four year's I have juggled two jobs, first and currently still practice manager of a dental centre, a current part-time paralegal and an avid law student with great ambitions. Overseeing a team, providing advice to the committee and assisting all people around me is part of my nature. Being elected as President is not just for the executive to voice over, I want all voices heard. Being a small (but the best) university our voice can bring change and together if we unite our voices we can lead a fantastic year and accomplish many things for the society.

We all know that University is an extremely stressful time for all and I believe all students should have access to support services, which they are comfortable to reach out too. There is a need to break barriers about the stigma related to mental health and stress by offering support to all students at all possible times. During my four years at University, times have been difficult and I am extremely grateful to have had a fantastic student and staff body that have supported not only me but also others who needed a helping hand. I’d like not only to uphold this legacy but to also continue strengthening it. Strengthening the social aspects of the university is important to me and I wish to focus on student engagement by implementing multiple events throughout the year, to enable students to participate, take a break from assignments and create long-term friendships. The great experiences that we have had in 2018 over the years events, have motivated me to contribute to Notre Dame and the department of law in a more personal way. This will be a great opportunity for us to continue to grow as a society. 

As president, I want to reinforce the fantastic efforts of the past society who have done an instrumental job for the society. We made fantastic headway and want to ensure that all issues brought forward to the society are addressed and ensure that all students have a voice that WILL be heard. Empty promises are not my forte but rather I will ensure that the society works collectively, supporting each other, having fun and meeting accomplishments. 


Order in the court, party on the dance floor!!!!!!!

In 2019, my goals are to raise the social platform of events at Notre Dame. Strengthening the social aspects of the university are important, as it allows new students and current students a greater opportunity to enjoy their time by creating long-term friendships. The great experiences that we have had in 2018 over the years events, have motivated me to contribute to Notre Dame and the department of law in a more personal way. This will be a great opportunity for us to continue to grow as a society, leave our mark at the university and create life-long memories. I want to expand the social calendar for 2018 to create more events that are easily accessible not only to the law society but to all schools at the university. By creating a diverse platform of events, not only will it offer a wide range of social gatherings and activities for all, but it would also bring all students in all years and lecturers together, to unwind and enjoy time outside the lecture room. I would like to assist students who don’t feel confident enough to approach other students a chance to break the barrier between the two to create a cohesive and friendly environment. The greater availability of events and different types of events throughout the year will allow for increased student involvement that will establish a great ethos for the society and the university as a whole. I have a strong vision to build on the fantastic work of past leadership and to raise the bar for 2019. 


Being a people’s person that has proved to work well in a team, one you can always trust and rely on, I believe I can be an asset to the executive committee of the law society. As mentioned, for the past four years I have juggled two jobs, first and currently still practice manager of a dental centre, a current part-time paralegal, an avid law student with great ambitions. Management of deadlines, tasks and meeting goals come as a second nature to me and I know that given the opportunity to manage the affairs of the law society for 2019, would be an honour and a privilege. I endeavour to prioritise our societies goals with a focus on student engagement and cohesive management of the laws societies affairs. 

See you later, litigators

Ellise 1.JPG


  1. President

  2. Social Events Director

  3. Secretary


What I will bring to the NDSLS is a hard working, flexible and experienced team member. As the Vice President of another society at Notre Dame I have hands on experience, whether it be working on the society's website, planning events, holding committee meetings or meeting with sponsors.

I'm a confident all-rounder and will be happy to work with others within the society and outside it during 2019. More than anything I'm excited to represent the Law students of Notre Dame Sydney.

James Pelosi.jpg


  1. Secretary

  2. IT Director

  3. Sports Director


It’s great to be a law student at Notre Dame! Lots of socialising – the meet and greet, the law ball, the law cruise, the mid semester parities. But there comes a time in every law student’s life when you have to think about unmentionable

‘C- word’… Yes, your Career. That’s where I can help.

A Careers Director should be reliable, approachable, proactive, and alert to opportunities in the field. I feel that I have these attributes, and would be privileged to serve our community. I am happy to liaise with members of the profession and tell them about our exceptional students and why they should get to know us. I understand it can be daunting for students to consider their career path, particularly for those with few personal connections within the profession.  

If I were to be Careers Director I would encourage students to take advantage of networking opportunities and mentoring programs. I would do this by promoting these events on various platforms to both students and professionals alike. This would enable students to form professional relationships and gain exposure to different aspects of law practice.

I hope my efforts would further the interests of our society, and provide everyone with the opportunity to learn, be heard and achieve their potential. If this sounds good to you, then vote for me!

I'd like to be Fourth Year Representative because I care about the welfare of our student body and want them to achieve their potential. I will strive to convey the concerns and promote the interests of fourth year students in the best way I can. I feel I am approachable and I am prepared to work hard in this role.

Please vote for me :)

Jessie Quinn.jpeg


  1. Careers Director

  2. Fourth Year Representative


My name is Adam Reeve
Next year will be my 4th year at the University of Notre Dame. I have been working as a student ambassador for the past year and thoroughly enjoy representing the university. In my spare time, I play several sports and also sit on the BNSW disciplinary tribunal. 
For many, sport is important. It is not only a good motivator but is also a great way to connect with people. 
As students, we all know that studying law demands time and commitment. However, the most successful students recognise that we need some down time too.
As the sports director, I will focus on promoting the different physical activities that the university provides as well as raising new suggestions with Student Services. Recruiting as many as I can into university sporting programs will be my primary goal.
Together, we can do this!


  1. Sports Director


My name is Laurette Rizk and I am a fourth-year Law/Commerce student.

I pride myself on being a highly driven individual who enjoys challenge, brings initiative and strives to exceed expectations. Throughout my time as a law student, I have gained invaluable experience in both social and professional environments. I understand the importance of support in a discipline and profession that can be taxing at times. I am passionate about building strong relationships and I advocate for study, work and life balance at all times. I know that I have the necessary skills and qualities for a position on the Society committee and to continue the incredible work done before me.

If successfully elected, I will continually support and aid the growth of the Society, not only with my drive and innovation, but with my passion and commitment to make a difference.

Laurette .jpeg


  1. Vice President

  2. Sponsorship Director


I  love the intimate culture at Notre Dame, especially in the Law faculty. We are all dedicated to our degrees, but also committed to uniting together to form really great social relationships and a warm, receptive culture at the university. I have some great ideas for how we can continue to build on this culture, and I also feel I am well equipped to represent the peers I have gotten to know really well throughout 2018! I am so keen to get involved, I'm reliable, approachable and passionate about the university and would love to take on this opportunity.



  1. Second Year Representative


Why does Social Justice matter?

Did you know that if you earn $20 per hour then you are in the top 1.81% richest people in the world! In one month, your earnings would be equal to the monthly income of 97 Zimbabwe labourers. The average labourer in Indonesia makes just $0.60 per hour, taking them 34 years to make the same amount as you do in one year.

This is just one of the thousands of Social Justice issues that so many people are oblivious to.

I have always had an interest with Social Justice, but it wasn't until I became fully aware of the prevalence and extent Social Justice issues that I knew I couldn't just sit around and ignore reality. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws combined with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Social Justice. Through these units and further research I have become to realise how privileged I am in comparison to the rest of the world. I believe that if I have the ability to better the conditions of just one persons life then I must do so. I strongly believe that I am a suitable candidate for the position of Social Justice Director and should I be nominated I wish to raise awareness of Social Justice issues by engaging in discussions and initiatives to help bring about positive change.


The only way to be heard is to speak up. Many students who have great ideas, initiatives or even concerns don’t have their say. I am willing to go above and beyond to understand my peers as a friendly and approachable Law student who my peers feel comfortable with. Should I be nominated as Second Year Representative, I will represent to my cohort to my greatest ability, ensuring that their time at university is fun and enjoyable! I am open to new experiences and challenges and am ready to become extensively involved in all areas of my degree and university, specifically the NDSLS.

Rebecca Saleme.jpg


  1. Social Justice Director

  2. Second Year Representative


My name is Breanna Sommerton and I will be commencing my fourth year of a Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Arts.

I feel that this position would be the perfect opportunity to combine my love of law with all things media! I would bring extensive experience to this position with a background working in publishing, public relations and digital marketing and am eager to use these skills to better the university experience of students.

At present, I am working for an e-commerce brand where I am responsible for managing the Instagram account (55.9k following) and executing marketing campaigns through digital channels to engage with target audiences. I would love to implement strategies that continue to improve on communications with students of the law school to ensure they are aware of all the exciting initiatives the law society offers and engage more students with university culture.

If I were elected to the position of Communications Director I would strive to produce quality emails, social media and publications that are interesting, bringing enthusiasm and commitment to the role.

Breanna Sommerton.jpeg


  1. Communications Director


I am nominating myself for the position of 3rd Year Representative or Social Justice Director within the Notre Dame Law Society. I believe I would add considerable value to the role of Social Justice Director, taking into consideration my experience in this role in 2018 I am passionate about social justice and human rights both in Australia and internationally with a keen interest in global affairs. I am a motivated and hard-working individual with experience in the organisation of fund raising and awareness events on social justice issues including participation in the work of Caritas, St Vincent De Paul Society and The Red Cross. I have long held an interest in social justice and was a member of the Social Justice Team during my time in high school.

Through traveling extensively including developing nations I also have a good understanding of global issues in the area of social justice. I have worked in an events management capacity organising educational seminars and similar events. I note that a key part of the role is in motivating and educating other students. I believe my confidence in public speaking and experience in organising educational events would facilitate me in the performance of the role. I believe that to create interest in the current challenges we are facing in regards to social justice and economic issues we need to motivate others to become aware of these issues, this requires more than just passion for social justice but also a sophisticated approach to communication.

In summary, I believe I possess the key attributes and experience necessary to succeed at a high level in the role of either 3rd year Representative or Social Justice Director. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information or have any questions regarding my application.



  1. Third Year Representative

  2. Social Justice Director


I am Arkady Vidyaev. By the time I am elected, I will be a third-year student here at Notre Dame. Although you may not know who I am, since becoming a student, I have immersed myself into university life with a view to promoting this institution as both a superior place of learning and for its supportive, social atmosphere. In my short time at this University I have become a student ambassador and a student mentor. I have participated in the mooting competition at senior level and I am currently undertaking the University’s leadership programme. This wealth of experience has provided me with an in-depth understanding and appreciation of Notre Dame’s administration, the needs of the students as well as the joys and realities of tertiary study. 

Understandably, you may be wondering why I am putting myself forward as a candidate for the role of Vice-President of the NDSLS? As I am limited by word space, I will encapsulate my reasons as succinctly as possible…I want to inspire confidence in our University from within the student body with a view to instilling a sense of pride in those who are, or might choose, to attend our law school. My aim is to work closely with the elected President and the rest of the executive body to receive, respond to and implement the ideas brought to us by our peers as well as those serving as directors and representatives. I will stand for and work towards positive change in accordance with your desires and the needs of the NDSLS.

I am available to speak with you and answer your questions both in terms of my candidature and, when elected, as your representative.

Thank you for your time, your support and, hopefully, your vote.

Arkady .jpg


  1. Vice President


My name is Jacqueline Vuong and I am nominating myself for the position of either the Communications Director or Treasurer of the Law Society.

I have previously been involved in the Society as the Communications Assistant in 2017, so fear not, I know what I am doing and won't let you down. Based on my past involvement, I understand how important both these roles are to both the Society and all the law students. Further, with my vast knowledge of spicy memes and sick skills in Photoshop, I believe that I will be able to successfully promote the Society by creating engaging posts and events.

In the event where you think my meme skills are not enough, then please vote for me as Treasurer. Money and math have always been a part of my daily life, especially in the previous two years as I am an accounting major. I am confident that you are able to entrust me with the funds of the society and if that isn't enough to convince you, I am also Asian.

Jackie Vuong.jpg


  1. Communications Director

  2. Treasurer


I believe I am a suitable candidate for the role of fourth year representative as I have had previous experience in a representative role in which good communication was essential. I will endeavour to meet the needs of my peers through listening and articulating effectively their concerns and suggestions.

Additionally, I intend to be proactive in informing the fourth-year students of upcoming events, opportunities and competitions to ensure they are always timely informed and have the best opportunity with those ventures. I have a strong work ethic and will be dedicated to achieving the best for my peers if given the opportunity to represent them.

I am approachable and genuinely want to help and support the fourth year law students. I intend to learn from previous year representatives (especially Lachlan Fountain xx) to ensure that I do my best in the role. Through my strong motivation to fulfil the role to the highest standard I commit to supporting the fourth year group as their representative.



  1. Fourth Year Representative

NDSLS Administrator