Flying the Flag - Professor Michael Quinlan and Professor Iain Benson

At Notre Dame we have the great privilege of having academic staff with a great passion for the law, which has developed over their many years of practice. As Notre Dame students we regularly reap the benefits of the wealth of knowledge possessed by each of our staff members. 

As you may or may not be aware, Professor Michael Quinlan and Professor Iain Benson, are quite the avid writers. While each of us, having likely been lectured by either of them at one point, would have scraped the surface of their academic ability, their published works provide further insight into their understanding of key legal and social issues. 

Both professors have published a variety of works on the Social Science Research Network and have been recognised by the organisation as being in the top 10% of published authors for 2017. This is an incredible personal achievement for both, to have such a broad readership on what can only be considered highly important social and legal issues. But also demonstrates the calibre of academics available to Notre Dame students. The opportunity we have while at university to learn from these individuals cannot be understated, as these formative years will pave the way for our professional development.

If you're interested in reading any of Professor Quinlan or Professor Benson's published works, please click the buttons on the right.