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Applications are now open for the 2019 NDSLS Committee.


The Notre Dame Sydney Law Society is looking for its next batch of committed and eager law students.

We are looking for students for the following positions:

  • Executive:

    • President*; Treasurer*; Vice President; and Secretary.

  • Directors:

    • Careers; Sponsorship; Competitions; Communication; Social Justice; Education; Socials; IT; and Sports.

  • Year Representatives:

    • Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year, Fifth Year; and Mature Age.

For more information on any of these positions we refer you to NDSLS Bylaw 01 - Committee Governance

*These positions require you to have held a previous position on the NDSLS Committee.

NOMINATION PERIOD - Tuesday 2 October to Saturday 13 October 11:59pm.

CAMPAIGN PERIOD - Monday 15 October to Friday 19 October.

ELECTION PERIOD - Monday 22 October to Thursday 25 October.