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Staff v Students

2017 Staff v Students Sports Day – Lawn Bowls

Occasionally we as students get the opportunity to challenge our favourite lecturers, and try and one-up them in some healthy (but very serious) competition. The Staff v Students Sports Day is one such occasion, and this year we very much capitalised on that opportunity.

This year we opted away from traditional racquet based sports (much to Frank’s disdain) and went for a more casual sport with broader appeal, lawn bowls!

We were lucky enough to have renowned lecturers Frank, Gerard, Robert and Ian (Benson) in attendance this year, all of whom had been training hard in preparation for the big day. Although they gave us a good run for our money, the staff were no match for the youthful enthusiasm of our law students. It was a great day, with good company, good weather and cheap drinks.

A second Staff v Students sports day is in the works for 2017, make sure you keep up to date with all NDSLS events so you don’t miss out next time!


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