Notre Dame Sydney Law Society


The Sports Profile of the NDSLS is a relatively new profile and is focused on promoting physical activity as an outlet during what can undoubtedly be an incredibly stressful period in your life (speaking from experience).

Sport in general provides a much needed escape to the high pressure involved with studying a Law degree. It can also just be a great chance to catch up with mates and have a great time, two things that should not be in short supply while studying!

The Sports Portfolio runs (or participates in) a number of events throughout the year, including the Staff vs Students Sports Day, where law students get to engage in some healthy competition with the lecturers who give us so much grief, the ND Gift, where we battle it out with the different schools of the University, and the Intervarsity Sports Day, where we show all the other universities who really knows what they’re doing.

This year we will be aiming to introduce a number of new events/initiatives in the hope of getting more people active and involved, make sure to like the NDSLS (and year group) facebook pages to ensure you don’t miss out!

We always looking for people to get involved, to participate on behalf of the law school or for any sporting events we might not be across that would be perfect for the law society. If you have any questions or would like to get involved feel free to send me an email at or just come up and say hello.

Connor Molloy
NDSLS Sports Director