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Social Events

The social portfolio of the NDSLS provides the student body with such an opportunity, where students and faculty have the chance to mingle with each other, as well as with professionals already operating in fields of law.

In 2017, it is our view to increase the social culture of the School of Law, entrenching it for the years ahead.

We understand that studying law can become quite overwhelming and at times you need to just relax and have some fun. 2017 will see the return of our annual Law Ball, alongside many other social events.

Over the course of your degree your knowledge and understanding of the legal system will expand, as should your circle of friends. We hope that the events run by our social portfolio will create a relaxed environment for students to meet with each other outside of the classroom.

Madeleine Goodsir

Social Events Director 2016/17 |

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The Amazing Race Notre Dame 2013

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2013 Maurice Blackburn Law Ball

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2013 Graduation Dinner