Notre Dame Sydney Law Society

About Us


The Notre Dame Sydney Law Society (NDSLS) is a student society that was established in 2007 at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney School of Law (Notre Dame Law). In our short history we have grown to be the most active Society on campus. The Society aims to enrich the student experience through educational, vocational and social initiatives.

As one of the youngest law students’ societies in Australia, the NDSLS has an immense scope for growth. Each year our Committee is consistently able to rise to the challenge of improving the services and initiatives we offer to the student body.

The NDSLS is committed to forming strong connections with businesses and endeavor to expose our students to employers from a variety of backgrounds.

The ~430 Students at Notre Dame Law have the benefit of small classes, extensive coverage of the Priestley eleven and lecturers with extensive professional experience which creates a personal approach to education. Combined with the Objects of the University for the provision of an excellent standard of training for the professionals; and pastoral care for its students, Notre Dame Law graduates are incredible well-rounded individuals. In addition, our rigorous degree structure ensures that Notre Dame Law graduates are highly critical, lateral thinkers and problem solvers through the compulsory study of the liberal arts in philosophy, ethics, and theology.

Most importantly, it is the culture of Notre Dame Law that distinguishes it from many others. In our small-class environment, students are encouraged to actively seek help from staff. Strong bonds are easily formed with other students as they progress through their degrees together. The NDSLS harnesses this open and friendly culture to reinforce the values of academic excellence, involvement in the law school, and development of the individual so that they can achieve their career potential.